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Niksar Charity Sale for Palestine
Niksar, a town in the city of Tokat in Inner Northern Turkey, between March 15-22, 2010, was home to a food fair for raising funds to support the flatillo campaign to Gaza.
Palestine, MiddleEast, Turkey 05.04.2010

In Niksar, Tokat, a food fair was organized on 15-22 March 2010 to help the flotilla campaign to Gaza which is started and run by IHH (The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Aid) and aiming at breaking through the embargo in Gaza. An exhibition was also held during the highly attended food fair featuring photographs of the Palestinian cause. A program called “The Night of the Conscience” was also held commemorating Rachel Corrie who has lost her life under the Israeli tanks and Martyr Shaikh Ahmad Yasin at the time of the food fair, during which speeches about Palestine was given and pamphlets and booklets were handed out. In addition to the screening of a video message by Rachel’s family, the visuals of people in Gaza, their situation and the course of Palestine’s invasion, its yesterday and today, was also included into the program of the event. The event where the videos prepared for Palestine were screened, Shaikh Ahmad Yasin’s attributed-last will was remembered followed by a prayer cited altogether by the participants for Palestine. Along the way to the end of the charity program guests to the fair were given information about IHH’s work. The funds made through the food fair was handed over to IHH to be transferred to Gaza.

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