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Noah’s Ark to break embargo
Participants of Freedom to Palestine Convoy gathered at the IHH head office. IHH President presented certificates of gratitude to the participants and signaled another aid convoy by sea. He reiterated
Turkey 08.02.2010

The people who took part in last month’s Freedom to Palestine Convoy met at the head office of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation in Fatih, Istanbul. The 150 Turkish participants of the convoy got the chance to meet the activists they travelled with. IHH President Bülent Yıldırım presented the participants certificates in appreciation of their efforts.  

Yıldırım said the convoy achieved its goal and thanked everyone who had contributed to convoy organization. He stated that the convoy attracted attention of the international community to the humanitarian situation of Gaza and added “              We had numerous difficulties during the 26-day long journey but no one lost the hope. Despite all difficulties we managed to enter Gaza and deliver donations entrusted to us.” 

Noah’s Ark

IHH President noted a fleet of aid ships to be named Noah’s Ark would depart from Turkey in April 2010 to break Gaza embargo.

“We are planning to go to Gaza with a fleet of 20 ships to be set up in an international organization probably in April 2010. Our aid ships will continue to head for Gaza until Israeli embargo is lifted. The cargo ships will carry Israeli-embargoed building materials, generators, medication, medical equipment and educational materials. The passenger ships to accompany the cargo ships will carry journalists, human rights advocates, activists and lawmakers from various countries,” Yıldırım said.

Support sought for ship buying

The IHH is planning to take part in the convoy with five ships. Support of charitable businessmen of Turkey is sought to purchase ships. 

Volunteers can help fund ships and other materials with their donations. For more information contact: 0212 631 21 21


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