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Number of orphans IHH cares reaches 20,000
The number of orphans cared by the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation across the world as part of its Sponsor Family System has reached 20,000.

The IHH has been undertaking the care of children who were orphaned by wars, political crises, natural disasters or other reasons. The foundation sees its Sponsor Family Project as one of the most important part of its relief efforts it conducts across 130 countries and regions in the world and in all provinces across Turkey. Through this system, the IHH does not allow evil-intentioned people or institutions to abuse orphans for their interests benefiting from their desperation and so it holds the orphans’ hands firmly. 

Thanks to Sponsor Family System, benevolent families meet the needs of the desperate orphan children.

Orphans in Somalia not alone

The number of orphans cared by the IHH in drought-stricken Somalia has reached 1,600. The foundation also tries to help orphan families to stand on their own feet and make their own living through various aid projects, providing them with sewing machines, cows, sesame grinding machine etc. Through these projects, the IHH aims to prevent missionary institutions, human smugglers and organ mafia from abusing the orphans.

Orphans to smile at Eid al-Fitr

The IHH has given priority to orphan relief work in its Ramadan relief activities across 70 countries and regions this year, too. The foundation has made the faces of the orphans smile in Turkey and abroad by providing them with gift packages, new clothes and school supplies.

IHH establishes ‘houses of compassion’ for orphans

In addition to supporting the orphans who live with their families, the IHH extends a helping hand to the orphans who are completely away from the caring and love of their families and relatives. To help these orphans, the IHH establishes orphanages where the orphans are cared under the supervision of teachers and pedagogues.

Orphans wait for sponsor families

Although the number of orphans cared by the IHH has reached 20,000, this figure needs to be made higher considering the millions of orphans particularly in the Islamic world. It is possible to assume the care of an orphan by making a monthly donation of 27.59 euros (TL70) to the IHH.

If you want to take care of an orphan

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