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Orphan days in Zanzibar
The next stop of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation’s train of benevolence was Tanzania-Zanzibar which is one of the lovely countries of the East Africa. The little orphans in this country have pe
Africa, Tanzania 06.04.2011

As part of its “Orphan Days,” the IHH offered medical screenings to the orphans and their families in Zanzibar at a special event organized for the orphans. The event which was organized by the IHH’s Africa Desk and Orphan Care Department was attended by many charity givers. Orphans were offered medical screenings by Doctor Şule Kemahlı. Three doctors and two lab experts made the orphans undergo blood tests to have an idea about their health condition. The orphans with a health problem will be treated at the state hospital in Zanzibar while the orphans with a minor health problem were given medicine. 

The program began with the recital of the Quran and continued with a speech from Zanzibar’s State Minister responsible for justice and constitution affairs Abubakar Khamis Bakary. In his speech, Bakary dwelled on the importance of the orphans in our life and noted that the orphans should be seen as a social insurance by the societies. Offering his thanks to the IHH for its projects and orphan relief efforts in the region, he said he supports the IHH’s efforts in Zanzibar and that he wants to take part in the IHH activities.  Bakary was the first who underwent a medical examination. 

A staff member from Zanzibar’s most popular radio, Radio al-Noor, also attended the event organized for the orphans.

Medical screenings of orphans in Zanzibar will continue in April at the Martyr Faruk Aktaş School established by the IHH. 

In the meantime, the IHH team paid a visit of courtesy to the Justice Ministry and informed ministry officials about the activities of the IHH in over 40 African countries being mainly in Tanzania. 

The IHH team also paid a visit to the Zanzibar Religious Affairs Directorate and received information about Islam and social life in Zanzibar. Shaikh Talib who wanted the completion of the IHH’s orphan facility project in the country as soon as possible, called for development of relations between Turkey and Zanzibar.

The IHH team donated four computers to Muzdalifa institution to make a contribution to organization of social activities for the orphans. Firstly, a computer course will be offered to the orphans and then efforts will be made to develop the opportunities at the course.

Orphans were given various presents and monthly donations at the end of the program. The IHH team also visited the houses of the orphans in the region to make observations. After visiting the Hacı Hanife Aksüs and Hacı Talip Aktaş mosques which are still under construction in the region, the IHH team returned to Turkey.

If you also want to extend a helping hand to the orphans, you can join in the IHH’s Sponsor Family System and take care of an orphan by making a monthly donation of TL70.

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