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Orphan girls’ joyful over success on report cards
Orphan girls staying at the Aceh İstanbul Orphanage, established by the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, received their report cards for the first term of the 2011-2012 academic year. IHH Indonesia
Indonesia 12.01.2012

Başer also received some information from their teachers about these students. Teachers said all the girls left a successful academic term behind.

The orphan girls will have a one-week-long vacation after receiving their report cards.

Seven of the girls proved their success by being the students with the highest grades in their classrooms. Congratulating each of these orphans for their success, IHH team members told them their success will make their sponsor families in Turkey very happy in particular.

One of the orphan girls, Rızkına, who was the most fifth successful student in her classroom last year managed to become the most successful student this year while another student, Yulinta, kept her position as the most successful student in her classroom. Congratulating the orphan girls for their success, Başer gave various presents to the students. 

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