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Orphans receive wide support from IHH
IHH-The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarion Relief distributed Eid clothes to orphans in Turkey and 15 countries and regions worldwide during Eid-al-Adha.
Afghanistan, Africa, Balkans, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Philippines, Palestine, SouthAsia, Iraq, Kazakhistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Lubnan, Macedonia, CentralAsia, MiddleEast, SriLanka, Sudan, Tajikistan, Tataristan, Turkey 05.02.2010

IHH- IHH-The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarion Relief carries on taking care of children made orphan by wars, occupations and natural disasters through its “Sponsor Family Program” that aims to sponsor orphans until they can finance themselves. Education, health, food, clothes and accommodation expenses of an orphan can be met by donation of 70 Turkish liras a month. Over the last three months, orphans in Tanzania from Africa and Sri Lanka from South Asia were added to the program. With these two, the number of the countries where IHH carries out its “Sponsor Family Program” rose to 25. By January 2010 15,300 orphans are supported by IHH on behalf of Turkish donors.   

The orphans of Aceh start university

Since the 2005 tsunami that also hit Indonesia, 100 orphan children have been sheltered in IHH-built Istanbul Orphan Complex in Aceh, Indonesia. All expenses of the orphans are born by IHH. Nineteen of the orphans succeeded in the university entry examinations and were placed in the following departments: Economics, Psychology, Electrical and Electronic engineering, Civil Engineering, Business Administration, Teaching, Fine Arts, Theology, English Language and Literature, Islamic Banking and Communication.    

Eid clothes for orphans

The Foundation distributed clothes at Eid al-Adha to orphans in Turkey and 15 countries and regions worldwide. The volunteers helped orphans in Istanbul and other cities of Turkey in chosing their Eid clothes. In Arakan, Bangladesh, Philippines-Mindanao, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Darfur, Ethiopia, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tatarstan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Macedonia and Turkey 2,802 orphans were provided with Eid clothes. 

Orphans in Turkey extended wide support

IHH provides psychological and social support to the orphans in Turkey as well as financing their expenses. Groups of volunteer psychologists and pedagogues visit orphans and their families in order them to overcome their problems. The Foundation is also paying extra coaching classess’ expenses of seven orphans in Istanbul that are preparing for the university entry exams.

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Flour distribution to 38 thousand 601 families in Somalia
Flour distribution to 38 thousand 601 families in Somalia
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has been carrying its aid efforts in Somalia, and our effort intensified following the severe drought that has hit the country since 2020, causing millions facing difficulties in accessing clean water and food.
Mobile soup kitchen from Turkey to Ukraine
Mobile soup kitchen from Turkey to Ukraine
The mobile soup kitchen dispatched by the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation to Ukraine, which is under Russian bombardment, departed from Istanbul. The soup kitchen was intended to provide food to 30,000 people each day. In addition, three truckloads of humanitarian supplies provided to Ukraine by the IHH in recent weeks have been delivered to war victims.
IHH helped 700,000 Syrians in 2022.
IHH helped 700,000 Syrians in 2022.
In 2022, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered 2,043 truckloads of humanitarian relief supply to war-affected Syrian residents living in the country’s IDP camps and settlements in various locations.