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Orphans take tour on the Bosporus on their last day in İstanbul
We took a tour on the Bosporus with 80 orphans from 14 countries who were in Turkey for the 5th International Orphans’ Get Together Program.
Africa, Europe, Balkans, SouthAmerica, SouthAsia, Caucasus, CentralAsia, MiddleEast, Turkey 05.06.2012

The children who got tired by the busy schedule of the event just got rid of their tiredness with the ferry tour. The orphans who will begin to return their countries as of today had some good time before their departure from Turkey.

The 5th International Orphans’ Get Together Program, organized by the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, was concluded with a spectacular ceremony on Sunday. The children have been attending various programs over the past week

As they were touring the Bosporus by a ferry, the children seemed fascinated by the beautiful scenery.

There were also some journalists on board the ferry. Plaques were presented to the journalists for their interest in the orphans’ program. The children were also presented with plaques for their participation in the event.

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