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Qurban: A global charity journey
As Eid al-Adha approaches, the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which has been extending donations of charitable Turkish people to needy people worldwide for the last 18 years, has started receivin
Turkey 19.11.2009

Millions of Muslims around the world get together as Eid al-Adha draws closer. The ritual of sacrificing for the sake of Allah, namely Qurban, reminds all Muslims, regardless of their race, language and color of skin, that they are part of an ummah (community).   

Eid al-Adha acts as a bridge to help Muslim societies become more informed about each other and come closer in solidarity. 

The IHH first organized Qurban campaigns in 33 countries in 1993 when it was established and has raised the number to 120 this year. 

The IHH will accept Qurban donations until the first day of Eid al-Adha. You can contribute to this charity campaign by donating 250 Turkish liras for each Qurban. 

The foundation is working incessantly to deliver donations of benevolent Turkish Muslims to needy people worldwide. Qurban events will be held in 120 countries and regions such as Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Haiti, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan, Arakan, Pattani, Cambodia and Indonesia. Conflict-ridden regions of the world will be visited and orphans will be extended aid. 

How can you donate? 

You can visit the IHH headquarters and hand in donation amount, donate online at IHH website, transfer donation amount via 160 54 51 postal checking account or make a donation by calling 0212 631 2121.

You can also transfer donation amount to IHH bank accounts with Ziraat Bankası, Vakıfbank, Türkiye Finans, Albaraka Türk, Kuveyt Türk. Please state the donation type as “QURBAN” while transferring the money.  

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