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Ramadan Abundance in Tunisia
IHH completed Tunisia part of its Ramadan program that has been continuing with the slogan ¨May the blessings of Ramadan spread on earth¨ in 94 countries and regions. Tunisia that has a population of more than 10 million people and was the first country where Arab Spring was experienced, welcomed Ramadan hopefully. Throughout the five-day program in Tunisia, IHH team distributed food packages to the orphaned and poor families and be guests of them on their iftar table.
Turkey 07.07.2014

In Tunisia where nearly 250 thousand children are orphans and more than 2.5 million try to live under poverty line, IHH made 1,000 families happy with food packages in the villages and towns in the north, south of the region and in Tunis, the capital. Food packages consisted 6 liters milk, 5 liters cooking oil, 2 kg rice, 1 kg chickpea, 2 kg noodle, 1 kg couscous, 3 kg sugar, 5 kg pasta, 250 gr. Tea, 200 gr coffee, 4 kg tomato paste, 120 gr canned fish. Food packages were distributed to tens of villages and towns in Silyana, Beja, Bin Arus, Ariana, Mannuba and Tunis.

When in Tunisia, IHH team especially got information about orphan children, their lives and the facilities carried out for these children in the country. Already caring for nearly 45 thousand orphans in 46 countries, IHH will start its orphan caring activities in Tunisia after Eid al-Fıtr.

IHH team visited disabled children, bedded, solitary old people and the poor and asked after them, distributed food packages and supported them financially in Tunisia. They saw some mosques buildings of which were not completed because of the oppressive regime of Bin Ali. There are still mosques in Tunisia whose construction started in 1978 and haven't been completed yet.

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