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Ramadan in Burkina Faso, land of honorable people
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation’s Ramadan team shared their impressions and observations from Burkina Faso where they travelled to carry out relief work.
Africa, BurkinaFaso 15.07.2013

After a seven-hour-long air travel with transfers, we arrived in the capital city of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou. Burkina Faso is a country with 17 million population and there are five million people living in its capital.

In our first day in the city, we delivered food relief in three different villages in the rural area with our partner organization, OSEH. The sincerity and gentleness of the people in the villages we visited attracted our attention. Our first stop was Liliburu village in Biage province where we delivered food to 500 people. We performed the Friday prayer at the mosque in the center of the city. Following a one-hour-journey, we arrived at Lattude village where we delivered food relief to 500 people again. A group including the elderly men in the village welcomed us there and we began aid delivery following a brief meeting. We delivered relief items finally to the people in need in Titua village following a two-hour-long journey.
Following aid deliveries, we moved for the camp where Malian refugees live for next day’s aid deliveries.

In our second day, we went to Djibo town on the Malian border and delivered three truckloads of aid including cooking oil, sugar, flour and dried food, to 5,000 people who live under difficult circumstances there. The aid items were sent from the capital city. Before the aid deliveries, Djibo Social Affairs Minister Secretary-General, Djibo governor’s representative, Djibo mayor, officials from the police, the military and OSHE’s President Ahmet Sankara made some statements to Africable TV which makes broadcasts across Africa. Then, we delivered the aid items. In the camp, there are 20,000 refugees who are in need and their number is unfortunately growing day by day.

Greetings to everyone from Burkina Faso.

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