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Ramadan in neighboring and brother country Georgia
We were in Georgia where we travelled with the slogan of, ‘Help to spread the abundance of Ramadan globally”. With the Ramadan campaing 2013, we delivered iftari meals to strengthen the conscious of neighborhood, brotherhood and being one humanity.
Georgia, Caucasus 18.07.2013

We reached out to Georgia this year again, which has been in our humanitarian aid list for long years. We delivered food to the people in need, reinforced our brotherhood, listened to their problems. We asked what else more we can do for them.

The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation team which visited Omolo, Duisii Birkiani, Djokolo and surrounding villages in Akhmeta province has reached out to 600 refugee Chechen and Muslim Georgian families and delivered social aid to them.

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The last terminal of "An Armful of Goodness"
The last terminal of "An Armful of Goodness"
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation continues to commemorate the 11th annual Orphan Solidarity Days (OSD) project with the theme "An Armful of Goodness". Many studies have been carried out for orphans and their families in Kenya, one of the countries where the initiative is executed.
54,000 loaves of bread for camps in Syria per day
54,000 loaves of bread for camps in Syria per day
Through a partnership between the IHH and the İnsan Charity Foundation, and with financial support from The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), 54,000 loaves of bread are supplied daily to civilians living in camps in the countryside of Idlib province in northern Syria
4 permanent works in Sierra Leone
4 permanent works in Sierra Leone
In West Africa’s Sierra Leone, IHH inaugurated four distinct buildings including orphanages, universities and mosques. The newly inaugurated permanent works are vital to the country's future.
Mosque-Masjid, Orphan