IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
Ramadan in refugee camps
The IHH was in refugee camps of Lebanon, which Palestinians regard as their second country. The foundation’s aid workers visited the camps and distributed food packs to 6500 families and clothes to 15
Lubnan 31.08.2010

Located on a transit route for civilizations, Lebanon paid a heavy material and nonmaterial price because of civil wars and foreign interventions. 

Despite all hardships Lebanon embraced Palestinian refugees who were forced to leave their lands due to Israeli occupation. There are about 400,000 Palestinians living in Lebanon, which, like Palestine, was occupied by Israel in the past. Almost one out of every eight Lebanese is a Palestinian in the country with a population of 3.5 million people. The refugees are living in 12 camps scattered across the country. The smallest one has a population of 1500 residents, while the largest has 70,000. Majority of Palestinians here were born in the camps and have never seen their homeland. They are striving to survive in the camps under hard conditions.  

The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered food aid to Palestinian refugees in those camps and needy people in Lebanon. Food packs were distributed to 6500 families, and clothes, stationery sets and allowance to 150 orphans. The aid teams of the foundation also visited Sabra and Shatilla camp in Beirut and distributed aid to needy families and orphans.    

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