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    Ramadan Aid Trucks Set Off
    As Ramadan approaches, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation will be delivering 100.000 food packets to families in need all over Turkey.
    Turkey 23.03.2021

    IHH, which had completed its Ramadan preparations, dispatched aid trucks from the Kilis Coordination Center to be sent to 81 cities and provinces in Turkey.

    For more than a quarter of a century, IHH had prepared Ramadan meals, distributed provisions and food packets, delivered zakat, sadaqah and fitr donations to people in need in regions afflicted by war, occupation and natural disasters, regardless of the distance. And this year we will be put a smile on the faces of orphans and those in need once again.


    We have been distributing aid for 29 years

    This year, IHH teams will be knocking on the doors of the people in need, refugees, and orphan families; and conveying the blessings of Ramadan in regions it travels to with 29 years of experience.

    Like always, we will be supporting orphans and their families both in Turkey and all over the world; we will be distributing eid clothing to orphans, delivering iftar meals and cash aid for the orphans.

    To support our movement of kindness

    You can contribute your zakat, sadaqah, fitr and food packets for Muslims that are suffering oppression, the aggrieved and those facing hardship to the IHH movement of kindness and support our aid campaigns that will continue throughout Ramadan.


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