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“Ramadan brings hope”
IHH launch its Ramadan 2021 aid projects with the slogan “Ramadan Brings Hope.” Throughout the month of Ramadan, IHH will be delivering our donors’ donations to almost 2 million people.

IHH has prepared iftar meals, delivered provision and food packets, distributed the zakat, sadaqah, fitra and donations of donors to those in need in the regions of war, occupation and natural disasters for more than a quarter of a century. This year, we aim to reach a total of almost 2 million people in need and bring a smile to the faces of orphans again.   

IHH teams that will be carrying out aid projects with the slogan “Ramadan Brings Hope” will convey the blessings of Ramadan and knock on the doors of people in need, refugees and orphan families with its 23-year experience.

Like every year, this year IHH will be delivering aid support to orphans and their families, distributing eid clothing to orphaned children, distributing food packets, iftar meals, and cash aid to orphans in Turkey and all over the world. Almost 2 million people will benefit from IHH’s aids.


Priority will be given to Turkey

This Ramadan, almost 140.000 people will benefit from the fitra and zakat of our donors. Donors will be able to send their donations, classified as a form of worship to the aggrieved and oppressed with the understanding that “A small amount of sadaqah removes calamities.” The price of food packets this year is 175 TL. A total of 201.547 food packets will be distributed to those in need both in Turkey and abroad. Just like last year, the food packets distribution in Turkey as our priority country has been sent with 84 trucks to 81 cities. During the distribution of food packets distribution, priority is also given to people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic and orphaned families.


Iftar meals will be prepared

Abroad iftar meal donation costs 20TL per meal. Iftar meals will be distributed to 883.435 people. As part of our health measures, instead of having iftar gatherings, we will be delivering iftar meals to the homes of these people. We will also be preparing iftar meals for people living in various regions and in refugee camps in Syria.


Eid clothing for children

Among the surprises IHH prepared for children is eid clothing. By donating 150 TL donors can present eid clothing to a child all over the world. 100.000 orphans and children in need in 27 countries will benefit from the distribution of eid clothing donations.


Bringing hope to 50 countries

In this Ramadan, IHH will be delivering aid to those in need in 50 countries including Turkey. Aid efforts will be carried out in the following countries giving priority to regions of war and crisis:

Central Asia and Caucasia: Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine (Crimea).

The Balkans: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia (Sanjak and Preshovo).

South America: Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Haiti.

Africa: Chad, Mali, Benin, Togo, Niger, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Mauritius, Burundi, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Mozambique, Guinea and Zimbabwe.

Middle East: Bangladesh, Myanmar (Arakan), Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand (Patani), Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines (Bangsomoro) and Vietnam.


What happened last year?

-On our 2020 Ramadan journey, IHH reached out to 2.18.612 people in 81 cities of Turkey and also in regions of war and crisis.

-Zakat, fitra and fidya were distributed to 137.244 people in need.

-246.857 food packets were distributed.

-1.7.640 people benefitted from the aid distribution.

-Iftar meals were given to 601.140 people.

-Eid clothing was distributed to 100.396 orphans and children in need.


To support these acts of kindness

Donors can donate their zakat, fitra, sadaqah and food packets for the oppressed, the aggrieved and Muslims facing hardship in Turkey and the world by supporting our aid campaigns that will run throughout Ramadan. Donors can contribute by:

-Donating 28 TL by sending an SMS to 4072 texting the code FITRE,

-Donating 5 TL by sending an SMS to 3072 texting one of the following codes: IFTAR, KUMANYA or BAYRAMLIK,

-Via IHH’s bank account number, online via our website or visiting the nearest IHH headquarters.

-In addition, donors can contribute to the caravan of kindness through any humanitarian aid organizations in Turkey.        

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