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Results of White Pigeon Short Film Contest announced
The results of the White Pigeon Short Film Contest were announced at the 5th International Orphan’s Get Together Program held on June 3.
Turkey 08.06.2012

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation organized a short film competition which had the theme of “Holy Trusts” with a reference to orphan children. IHH organized this competition on the occasion of the 5th International Children’s Meeting. The jury of the contests selected the most successful short films in the categories of fiction, documentary and animation.

The IHH, which has been opening its arms to more than 25,000 children across 36 countries since 1992 thanks to its orphan relief activities in regions hit by wars, natural disasters or occupation, organizing the short film contest in order to raise the awareness of the humanity about the issue of orphans and call on people to take care of these children.

The awards given to the winners of the contest include Sony NEX-FS100K video cameras for the winners of the fiction and documentary film categories, an Apple iMac 21.5-inch computer and WACOM  Cintiq 21UX Pen Display drawing screen for the winner of the animation film category and a trip to Africa to visit orphan children and a Sony HXRNX70U Video Camera for the winner of the special jury award. Various video cameras and pen tablets were also given to the winners of the mansion awards.

The jury of the contest included famous directors, filmmakers and writers such as Derviş Zaim, İhsan Kabil, Rıdvan Şentürk, Semih Kaplanoğlu and Yusuf Kaplan.

The list of the award-winning films includes:

Fiction category

Ekmek (Bread) Director: Koray Sevindi

Animation category

Fidan (Sapling) Director: Burak Varlık

Jury Special Award

Saman Makinası (Hay Machine) Director: Ersin Mert

Fiction category mansion awards

1. İsmail (Director: BÜLENT ŞAHİN)

2. Berf / Kar (Snow) (Director: EROL MİNTAŞ)

3. Yetimin Ümmeti (Ummah of the orphan) (Director: GÖKSEL TUZUN)

4. Mavi Önlük (Blue school uniform) (Director: HAKAN KERİM KARADEMİR)

5. Beduh 2468 (Director: AHMET BATURAY TAVKUL)

6. Kırık (Broken) (Director: BAŞAK DAŞMAN)

Animation category mansion awards

1. Gölge Oyunu (Shadow Play) (Director: SİNAN SERTEL)

2. Kız Çocuğu (Daughter) (Director N: HAKAN BERBER)

3. Yumurta (Egg) (Director UTKU YAVAŞÇA)

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