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Ship of humanity sets sail for Somalia
The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is preparing to send a ship carrying 3,000 tons of humanitarian aid to Somalia which has been suffering from a severe drought for months.
Somalia 08.08.2011

The Turkish nation does not remain indifferent to the hunger tragedy which takes place in East Africa in the 21st century. Since the beginning of the drought in the region which has been receiving no rain for about three years, the IHH has taken the donations of the Turkish nation to the crisis-stricken people. Now, the foundation is readying to send a humanitarian aid ship to Somalia on Aug. 15.

Somalia where hundreds of children lose their lives every day is about to lose its fight against hunger. The situation in the region deteriorates each and every day. Since the beginning of the drought crisis, the IHH has taken relief to more than 170,000 people. Now the foundation is making preparations for the aid ship which will be one of the largest aid to be received by the Somali people at Ramadan. The Somali people are waiting for the arrival of the ship to their country. 

Life ring to the Horn of Africa

The IHH has launched a project to intervene in the hunger crisis in the region which becomes worse every passing day. The foundation which announced to send a humanitarian aid ship to Somalia at the beginning of Ramadan is beginning to load the aid supplies to the ship on Wednesday. The ship is expected to set sail for Somalia on Aug. 15.

Turkey will send its donations via this ship

While humanitarian aid collected through aid campaigns launched in various parts of the world is dispatched to the region, deaths of children due to hunger or diseases caused by drought cannot still be stopped. According to information from the IHH teams working in the region, aid supplies sent to the region are not sufficient to make Somali people to stand their own two feet and there is need for more aid. As the IHH, we will not remain indifferent to the tragedy in Somalia and take the 3,000 tons of aid, donated by the Turkish nation, to Africa.

Campaign for 3,000 tons of aid 

The IHH has called on the Turkish nation to act to help the drought victims in Somalia at the holy Muslim month of Ramadan. Aid supplies to be sent to Somalia include wheat, corn, flour, vegetable oil, sugar, milk powder, biscuits, rice and pasta in addition medicine and medical supplies. The aid ship which will set out for Somalia thanks to donations from our charity givers will make the Somali people take a sigh of relief.

Donators can claim tax deduction for their donations

Businesses and enterprises can claim tax deduction if they make their donations to the IHH as part of the food banking system. Invoices to be given to you by the IHH for your donations will be sufficient for you to claim tax deduction. Charity givers can also claim tax deduction for their donations for Somalia as the IHH is a tax-exempt organization.

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