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Somali children begin to regain their health
Fourteen Somali children who were recently brought to İstanbul through the joint efforts of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, the Turkish Airlines (THY), Turkish International Cooperation and De
Somalia 24.09.2011

The medical situation of the Somali children is improving day by day. The children have clung to life thanks to surgeries conducted by specialists. It is possible to see the happiness of their families from their eyes over the recovery of their beloved children. The happiness of Somalis who communicate with the Turkish patients and their relatives in the hospital by the use of the body language also makes the doctors and nurses at the hospital happy.

Making an assessment about the medical condition of Somali children, Associate Professor Ali Çay, a specialist on pediatric surgery who conducted the surgeries of Somali children, said: “We have conducted one of the most challenging surgeries; we have transplanted organs to some children. There was a child suffering from extraphy voica, a rarely seen disease. We conducted three surgeries on him to bring his situation to normal. The children are in a better condition now when compared to their previous condition.”

Surgeries of Fahrican Muhammed, 11, Abdussamed suffering from extraphy voica, and Fadime who was injured by the firing of a weapon, have all been completed. The children are now kept under the supervision of nurses in their rooms.

Families are happy

Jemale Ahmad Hassan, father of Ferah Jemale Ahmad, said his son has seen a speedy recovery over the past days “I was very unhappy over the past 12 years due to my son’s situation. He was suffering and I was desperate. I do not know how to thank Turkish people and the IHH.”

Hardly holding his tears back, Hassan said: “May Allah not make my Turkish sisters and brothers experience the pain similar to mine.”

Abdurrahman Dini, father of another Somali child, said his child is waiting for his turn to have an operation while talking about the difficult living circumstances in Somalia. “There is war in everywhere in Somalia, my son could not be treated anywhere and his treatment was impossible. Now, I am going through the happiest days of my life. I feel safe. My son will recover and we no longer want to live in that hell.”

Abdullahi Abdurrahman is one of the liveliest children among Somalis. He is playing games with the medical staff at the corridors of the hospital. He is trying to sing Turkish songs. He is obviously very happy and his treatment is going very well.

Most popular child is Hani Ahmet

Hani Ahmet, a four-month-old baby and the youngest one of the Somali children at the hospital, was just weighing three kilograms, which is the average weight of the newly-born babies, when he was brought to Turkey. Hani Ahmet who was suffering from malnourishment, was about to lose his life in the hands of his mother. The baby whose situation has improved thanks to the treatment he has been receiving at the Avicenna Hospital has become the apple of the eye of the all the medical staff at the hospital.

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