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Somalia healthcare center fights epidemics
A healthcare center opened by IHH in Somalia is offering free-of-charge services to local population against tropical epidemics.
Africa, Somalia 26.12.2012

Tropical Disease Center, which was opened by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation in Somalia, has been providing free-of-charge health services to thousands of patients since August. The center has the capacity to treat 70 patients a day and will offer services in Shabelle region for a year.

The center that was opened by IHH and Qatari Red Crescent Society in Afgoiye city in Shabelle, one of the most impoverished regions in Somalia, provides local population with free-of-charge health services against such epidemic diseases as malaria, anemia, hepatitis, dermatological diseases, diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid, and measles.  

The center has the capacity to carry out all diagnosis and treatment procedures in Shabelle region, where epidemic diseases are very common due to climate but health services are far from adequate. The center accepts 70 patients a day and has so far assisted 6,049 people from Shabelle and neighboring areas. The majority of patients accepted to the center are women and children. 

Significant drops have been registered compared to previous years in the number of epidemic diseases caused by Somalia’s tropical rainfall and hygiene conditions since the center started operating. The healthcare center is expected to remain open for a year and reach out to 30,000 patients.

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