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Education program for Somali foundations
An education program, jointly organized by the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Qatari Red Crescent, aims to contribute to the development of local fou
DemocraticRepublicofCongo 23.01.2012

The 10-day-long education program which took place in Mogadishu aiming for the development of local foundations has ended. Twenty-two representatives from local foundations and associations in Somalia attended the program where they received education on “project development and management.”

The inauguration of the education program was made by representatives from the IHH, OIC and Qatari Red Crescent.

At the end of the education program, which was organized to enable the foundations in Somalia to get to know each other and cooperate, trainees, 20 men and 2 women, were given certificates of professional project managers.

During the education program, the trainees were given a standard education on project development and management. Learning the language of project management at the program, the trainees can now communicate with project managers more easily.

The participants of the education program said they did not use any specific method in their previous activities but following this education, they will use the method they have just learned in future projects. 

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