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Support for Syrian People from Van
People of Van, Turkey who experienced an earthquake two years before are making aid organizations to help their Syrian brothers and sisters who are in a difficulty even though heir own sufferings are so new.
Syria 27.12.2013

Thought and Civilization Student Community of Van Yüzüncü Yıl University and IHH volunteers from Van organized a food charity sale in the University Campus with the slogan of ¨Syrian children shouldn't starve to death¨. In the charity sale field, there was also a photo exhibition revealing the humanitarian conditions in Syria. Even though it was planned to continue for three days, charity sale lasted four days by popular demand.

16.000 TL was earned from the sale of very delicious foods that voluntary women from Van had cooked and brought to the organization.

İbrahim Cinkılıç from Van Humanitarian Relief Association which makes aid organization in Van said that they organized the charity sale to buy an articulated lorry of flour for the Syrian children and if the earnings got from the charity sale wouldn't be enough, they would continue their activities to realize their aim.

Right along with volunteers from Van, students of Van Yüzüncü Yıl University organized a conference with the name of ¨General Overview of Syria¨ in order to help Syrian people who are victim of war. In the conference that is taking place in the hall of Faculty of Theology, Zeliha Sağlam from Research and Publications Department of IHH Humanitarian Aid Foundation made a presentation. In her presentation, Sağlam gave information about humanitarian aid activities of IHH for Syrian people. She expressed the difficulties Syrian people are meeting both in the face of Esad's forces and harsh winter conditions.

Expressing that, over 20 years IHH has been acting with the principle to supply help to all needy people and to be with them no matter where they are and why they are so, Zeliha Sağlam also gave information in her statement about new and ongoing IHH projects initiated for Van after the earthquake. The presentation was followed with great interest in a hall of 210 people and after the presentation questions of the students were answered.

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