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Deaths in Syria rise due to starvation
Syrian NGO's situated within the region of South Guta near Al-Sham have presented a shocking report regarding the latest situation of Syria to IHH, who has been delivering humanitarian aid within the crisis region for the past 3 years.
Syria 19.11.2013

'Hundreds of children will die of starvation'

Abu Yahya, a representative of the NGO of South Guta had come to the IHH Syria works coordination center. Mr Yahya has stated that if the siege continues for a couple more months, hundreds of children will die from starvation.

Mr Yahya had pointed out that the Asad regime had cut of water sources stating ' The population cannot find clean water. To not die from dehydration, we are drinking from various lakes present'

Mr Yahya continued, stating the Asad regime was leaving the population to starve and mentioning ' The Shabbiha's are burning the crops and croplands present. They are not letting in any stock, trying to literally wipe us all out'


'Civilian spaces are being targeted'

With the statistics of Guta that has been passed over to IHH by various Syrian NGO's who have been following the crisis since it first had begun, its can clearly be seen that civilian spaces, and regions which are mass populated are being targeted.

The report states, since the attacks have been taking place 88 mosques, 6 hospitals, 20 pre schools and 21 bakeries are in a state in which they cannot be used anymore.


'Most of the dead are civilians, 12 thousand orphans are present'

The report continues, stating within the region of East Guta, 11,192 people have lost their lives, 80 percent of these being civilians, 12 thousand orphans being present within the region at the very moment and 4,823 people arrested and could not be heard of later.

It is noted with the analysis present within the report; there are more than 8 thousand Syrian civilians who have lost their lives; 906 of these being children and 979 of these being woman.


List of what is needed

What is needed for the civilians living in the crisis region has also been listed within the report.

Within East Guta, it is stated that over 1 million people are living within the region, 42 percent of these being children. Of these, 70,560 children are being breastfed and for the survival of these children 180 thousand cartons of milk is needed ,as if the situation continues like this, hundreds of children will end up dying from starvation and malnutrition.

At the very moment, 195 thousand families are living within East Guta. 100 thousand aid packets of food, 3 thousand tons of flour and various medications are also needed.

With the crisis, as attacks have been continuing in Syria for 3 years, many Syrians are left in conditions quite harsh, as the attacks are escalating day by day, and the population not being able to access food and other necessities, particularly Al-Sham and its surrounding regions being one of these.

The entering and exiting within the region is done by using various routes as its surrounded by regime forces, a highly likely chance is also present in which the regime forces will take and block what is going in.

With the statistical analysis of 2010 done in East Guta, it is recorded that 2 million 169 thousand people were living within the region as this number had dropped to as low as 1 million 195 thousand with the usage of chemical weapons upon the population. Approximately one million people have fled the region, migrating to other regions within Syria and its neighbors.

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