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Bread crisis in Syria is growing
The absence of flour in Syrian bakeries are causing the bread crisis to grow, if it continues in this manner the results can be fatal.
Syria 27.12.2014

Syrians who have been under attack for more than 4 years are trying to continue on with their lives. However, they are currently unable to access the most basic food- bread. While the remaining 10 million people are battling with hunger, 500 thousand people are struggling for survival in the camps established on the boundary line of Turkey.

In particular, the millions of  people in Aleppo, Homs, Hama and Damascus are starving due to being constant under attack. Bread cannot be made in these regions because there is no flour left in the bakeries.

The main reason for this crisis is because the regime forces are targeting aid trucks. Due to the perception games played on Syria, there isn't enough aid reaching them.

Bread does not reach the camps on Turkey's borderline

There are 500 thousand people living in the camps built on the Turkish- Syrian borderline. Due to not having any flour left in the nearby bakeries, bread cannot be distributed to these areas. Finally, bread cannot be distributed on a regular basis for more than 1 month now to the Atme camp where 35 thousand people are currently living.



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