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Container homes to be installed in Kilis for Syrians
New container homes are going to be installed in Kilis to house refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria.
MiddleEast, Syria, Turkey 29.12.2012

As preparations for the new container homes settlement continue, Governor of Kilis Province and IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation signed a protocol for the construction of a neighborhood of 400 container homes.

Süleyman Tapsız, governor of Kilis, recalled during protocol signing that 13,000 Syrian refugees were staying in the existing 12,000-capacity container homes settlement and expressed the need for a new settlement.   

The container shelters city to be installed in Beşiriye Village in Elbeyli District will contain 3,000 container homes and provide housing to about 15,000 people, the governor said.

He noted that IHH had applied to undertake the installment of one neighborhood in the container settlement.

“IHH has applied to set up a neighborhood in the settlement with 400 fully-equipped container homes. The application was approved by the AFAD [the Turkish Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Magament]. We as the governor will also sign the related protocol. IHH will be responsible for setting up one of the neighborhoods. The foundation’s assistance is valuable and meaningful. We hope other aid agencies will also keep providing assistance.” 

-Aid keeps flowing-

There is a humanitarian tragedy going on in Kilis, governor Tapsız said. “Aid agencies and civil society organizations have been helping for months with relief aid to the Syrian people. One of the organizations that assumed huge responsibility in this respect is Humanitarian Relief Foundation. The foundation is carrying out significant activities such as distributing food packages and hot meals inside Syria borders. It has also made significant contributions to deliveries of food, clothing and stoves to Syrian refugees staying in central Kilis.”

IHH deputy chair Yaşar Kutluay said he had visited war and natural disaster zones in different parts of the world over the past 20 years and pointed to the issue of refugees as one of the most serious global problems.

Kutluay stated he had witnessed the Syrian conflict in person and added: “I have been to many refugee camps around the world. The refugee camps set up by Turkish government are far above world standards. Refugees living in camps across the globe are having serious problems; however, Syrian refugees coming to Turkey are staying at container homes with good conditions. I thank Turkey and governor Tapsız for this.”

Governor Tapsız and IHH executive Kutluay signed the protocol following speeches. The installment of 400 container homes is estimated to cost $3 million. Each container shelter will include mini fridge, electric water boiler, gas cooker, four mattresses, table and four chairs, duvet cover set, carpet, kitchen tools, and food and hygiene packages for six.    

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