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Tablets for Orphan Students
IHH will donate tablets to orphan children to help them continue their online education during this pandemic. With the support of donors, these children will be able to study safely
Turkey 20.09.2020

Coronavirus continues to affect our country and the world in general. Children in particular have been affected during this process. They have been deprived of going to school. With the beginning of the new term, many children will have to study from home. However, orphan children who lack the facilities for distant education cannot participate in these lessons.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation will be supporting the education campaign launched with the outstanding efforts of the Ministry of Education, teachers, and mobile operators which provide free internet.

Since the start of the pandemic IHH has supported families in need, the elderly, patients with chronic illnesses and orphan families. IHH will be donating tablets to orphan children through the new “Time for Solidarity in Education” campaign as well as through our Orphan Sponsorship System so they can continue their study online. IHH will be donating 10-inch tablets consisting of 32GB memory and 4G technology to orphans.

With the Orphan Sponsorship System, IHH is caring for a total of 99.568 orphans both in Turkey and the world.  14.900 of these orphans live in various cities and regions of Turkey.


Donors can either support an orphan on a monthly basis or donate the amount they wish. With the support of donors, orphan students will be able to continue their education. Donors who want to support this campaign can donate 5 TL by sending an SMS texting EGITIM to 3072. Those who want to donate larger amounts can contribute to this project via IHH’s website or bank accounts stating the code EGITIM. The cost of one tablet is 2.000 TL    

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