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Tension rises in Gaza
Tension has been mounting in the Gaza Strip after Israeli attacks killed at least five people from the same family. Three of the victims were children. All the state institutions in Gaza have been eva
Palestine, MiddleEast 23.03.2011

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation Gaza Representative Mehmet Kaya said a new war is about to erupt in the region. Warning that tension has been rising in the area every passing day, Kaya put the blame on Israel for the situation saying that it provokes a war with its attacks.

Kaya also said the latest Israeli attacks killed three children from the same family as he added: “Hamas vows retaliation for the latest Israeli attacks. New statements are made by both sides every day. The region may be dragged to a new war.”

Rafah Border Crossing still closed to trade

Kaya noted that Palestinians are allowed to use the Rafah Border Crossing following the removal of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak from power; however, commercial activities are still made through the tunnels.

“Palestinians can cross to the Egyptian side without any problems now. In the past, those who crossed to the Egyptian side were being directed to the airport in capital city of Cairo. They were banned from going to other regions of Egypt; however, they are given 72 hours now. They can freely move in Egypt during this time. Rafah Border Crossing is open for people’s entrance but it is still closed to commercial activities. There is need for construction materials for the reconstruction of Gaza. The Hamas government plans to construct 1.000 houses for those who lost their houses due to Israeli attacks. The foundations of the first several houses have already been laid. The complete opening of the Rafah Border Crossing is expected for the completion of the constructions speedily,” Kaya said.

Kaya also said among the public demonstrations which have recently broken out in Arabic countries, the Gazans are particularly interested in the public demonstrations in Egypt because the situation in Egypt has a determining effect on the future of Gaza.

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