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Topcu, the leader of BBP, Visits “Mavi Marmara”
Yalcin Topcu, BBP (Great Union Party) paid a visit to the ship Mavi Marmara purchased by IHH (The Foundation For Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief) with the aim of delivering humanita
Palestine, MiddleEast, Turkey 14.04.2010

IHH’s flotilla campaign to break the embargo on Gaza by the sea, today, received a promise of support from one more source, Great Union Party, BBP. Yalcin Topcu, the leader of BBP had a tour of the Mavi Marmara ship, purchased by IHH. Yalcin Topcu and accompanying visitors together with Bulent Yildirim, General President of IHH had a tour onboard while exchanging information on the action plan of the aid campaign.

In his onboard speech, given in the ship’s bridge, Topcu pointed out that this ship is a symbol of the common conscience of the mankind. He also said that it is very important for humanity to declare its conscience with even little materials like building bricks and iron. Mentioning that BBP will dedicate themselves to the cause until Palestine becomes independent, “We will be here for them until the good side wins over the evil, just like the courageous little ant carrying water over to Abraham, in the story of Abraham (peace be upon him) and Namrud.”

Holding Bulent Yildirim on his arm during his speech, Yalcin Topcu stated that they are on the same side in this journey. He added that all the good people of the world must come together on the same side, their party will also have representatives on the ship to Gaza. Topcu continued his speech by saying “This ship has a passenger capacity of 1080 and the other ship has a cargo capacity of 3500 tons to carry construction materials and medicines. The capacity of 3500 tons must be loaded up top, even a centimeter square cannot go empty. Muslims should fulfill the requirement of the Holy Quran’s verse on being there for their brothers in their hardship. This is how we should stand up against the inhumane practices and injustice and put our hearts out.”

Topcu handed over a letter to Bulent Yildirim, General President of IHH, which he wrote to Palestinian President Ismail Haniye, following his speech. After receiving the letter, Bulent Yildirim has offered his thanks to Yalcin Topcu and accompanying members of BBP who do not hesitate to give their support to the campaign. He also mentioned Muhsin Yazicioglu in his speech, deceased former leader of BBP, put great importance into the Palestinian cause and it would be a great honor to deliver the letter written by Yazicioglu’s followers to Palestine and to Ismail Haniye.    


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