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Turkey donates 60 vehicles to Gaza convoy
Gaza aid convoy that departed from Britain crossed into Italy from France. The Turkish support to the convoy is considerable. Sixty vehicles have so far been donated to the IHH Humanitarian Relief Fou
Europe, MiddleEast, Turkey 14.12.2009

The convoy departed from London to draw attention to the humanitarian situation in Gaza and to break the embargo imposed to the Palestinian people. It passed through France and arrived in Italy, attracting interest and support of people along its route and new participations. It is expected to enter Turkey from Edirne on 15 December.

The IHH, which is organizing the Turkish leg of the convoy, has so far been donated 60 vehicles such as minibuses, ambulances and passenger cars to be delivered to Gaza.

IHH President Yıldırım said the vehicles would join those departed from Britain in Turkey and added all the vehicles would be taken to Palestine and donated to the Gazan people. “Allah willing we will break the Gaza embargo and be there on 27 December, the anniversary of the attacks. We will also organize a large human rights parade there. There is growing interest and support to the action, which is characteristically international. Vehicles from Arab countries will join the rest of the convoy in Egypt. We will show Israel and the entire world that the Palestinian people are not forsaken,” he said.

A major ceremony will be held to welcome the convoy upon its entry into Turkey on 15 December. The convoy will set off from Istanbul on 16 December night and will visit the cities of Adapazarı, Ankara, Konya, Adana and Kilis before crossing into Syria. It will pass through Jordan and Egypt and is planning to enter Gaza through Rafah border crossing.  

You can donate a vehicle or aid in kind to be taken along the convoy. For more information regarding the convoy go to www.filistinkonvoyu.org or call 0212 631 2121.

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