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Turkey has not forgotten Yemen
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has delivered humanitarian aid to almost 1 million people in need with its aid projects carried out in various regions of Yemen since 2020.
Yemen 03.03.2021

IHH continues to deliver the aid of donors to Yemen since March 2015 when the civil war broke in the country.

With the increasing humanitarian crisis, where it recently has reached life-threatening dimensions, IHH has delivered aid to almost 1 million people since 2020.

Almost 21 million of 29 million Yemen’s population is in need of humanitarian aid, especially food. Half of these 21 million people are in need of emergency aid. There is a concern that the increasing poverty and famine in the country will turn into a humanitarian disaster.

Throughout 2020, IHH carried out aid efforts in various Yemeni regions including Sana, Hadhramaut, Ma’rib, Jawf, Taiz, Amana, Hudayda, İbb, Bayda, Dhamar, Mahra, Shabwa, Mahwit, Lahic, Dali, Rayma, Mukalla and Aden.    

UN’s Global Humanitarian Aid General Overlook states that the violent conflict that has been continuing since 2020 is deepening the dimension of Yemen’s humanitarian crisis even further.

Millions of people are suffering from malnutrition

According to a UN report on Yemen, thousands of Yemeni people are losing their lives due to blockade, economic decline, disease and malnutrition. Today, 20.1 million of the 30.5 million total population is on the verge of starvation and 14.4 million people are in need of emergency aid to survive.

Initially, IHH that is developing projects in the field of food aid in Yemeni cities distributed 4.035 food packets. Almost 246.000 people benefitted from this food aid distribution. The Yemeni people are also experiencing great difficulty in accessing bread and drinking water. In order to eliminate this crisis, IHH distributed 3 million 373 loaves of bread, 14 million liters of drinking water and 1.120 pre-prepared meals. Additionally, IHH sacrificed 7.191 sheep and goats, 35 cattle and 307 adaq qurbans and distributed the meat to families in need.


Shelter problem is on the rise

Due to the ongoing civil war, a total of 3.65 million Yemeni people have been displaced from their homes since 2015, including 410.000 last year alone. In addition to homes, 917 mosques, 147 university buildings, 271 tourist facilities, 112 sport facilities, 36 media buildings and 2.960 plots of agricultural land were damaged during the war.

In this scope, IHH materializes projects in terms of shelter through the distribution of 450 tents, 350 water tanks, 12.665 blankets, 4.025 coats, 2.138 hygiene packets, 662 items of kitchen equipment, 787 mattresses, toys to 730 children and 61.000 Euros in cash aid to families in need.


Struggling with Covid-19 under these difficult conditions

On top of the civil war and its fallouts, the Coronavirus pandemic has also hit Yemen gravely.

IHH continues to help the Yemeni people in these difficult times by providing support to the country with various projects in the field of healthcare. 225 healthcare workers and 48.280 patients have benefitted from the support provided to healthcare centers as part of the fight against Covid-19. In addition, IHH provided 27.764 liters of fuel to the oxygen filling center it operates in the country, allowing 1.759 oxygen cylinders to be delivered to healthcare centers and hospitals. Additionally, 45 items of medical equipment worth 15.000 Euros was delivered to the Tedamun healthcare center in Taiz.    


Education support is continuing

Aside from women, children have also been most affected since the civil war began in March 2015.

IHH has materialized different aid projects in the field of education. The foundation has just begun constructing a school consisting of 3 floors and 22 classrooms in Taiz to accommodate 2.200 students. IHH has also constructed annex buildings in 4 schools in different regions. A 900m2 pergola was built by IHH to protect the students from the sun during the summer months. In addition, IHH is also providing scholarships to 50 university students to cover the costs of their 4-year education.


Yemeni people need your help

Donors who wish to contribute to support the people of Yemen can donate 5TL by sending an SMS to 3072 texting the code YEMEN. Those who wish to donate larger amounts can contribute online via IHH’s website or via our bank account numbers stating the code YEMEN.

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