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100 tons of wheat seeds for Afghanistan
To prevent famine in Afghanistan, IHH decided to deliver 100 tons of wheat seeds to the country. Once harvested, this project will give life to Afghanistan, currently on the verge of humanitarian crisis.
Afghanistan, Turkey 11.10.2021

Earlier, with the slogan “Don’t Leave Them Alone”, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered food packages to 15.000 Afghani people in capital Kabul and the cities of Ghazni, Maidan Shar, Saidabad, Tahar, Kunduz, Baghlan and Kandahar. Orphaned families, disabled individuals living in rural areas, hospitals and refugee camps benefitted from the aid totalling almost 60 tons. Now we increase our aid projects in the country by sending wheat seeds from Turkey.


The seeds that produce grain will be a new source of survival and livelihood for 18 million Afghani people that are struggling to survive poverty. This project will hopefully prevent starvation, which might force them to migrate from their homes.

The REİS, BAYRAKTAR 2000, ES26 and SÖNMEZ 2021 seed types produced by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture were loaded onto 5 trucks from 3 provinces en route Afghanistan. The trucks are scheduled to reach Afghanistan in 10 days. The seeds are estimated to produce between 1000-2000 tons of wheat seeds. Each 25 kg seeds sown per acre can yield up to 515 kg of wheat. These seeds can be reproduced for 5 years without losing their productivity.




100 tons of wheat seeds distributed

The 4 different types of seeds were selected based on the geographical characteristics of Afghanistan; they will be planted on agricultural lands according to the characteristics of the seeds and climate conditions. With the support of our donors, 100 tons of seeds were purchased from the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises’ warehouses and loaded onto trucks in Eskişehir, Kırşehir and Konya.



These seeds will play a major role in combatting the country’s humanitarian crisis

The harvest of these seeds - that vary according to the climate, land structure, fertilization, rain and irrigation - will be a blessing for both the farmers and the Afghani people that are struggling to access basic food provisions. The wheat production will be realized by distributing these non-GMO seeds to farmers. When harvested, the wheat will be processed into flour thus playing a major role in combatting humanitarian crisis in the country.

6 trucks are on the way

6 trucks, 5 of which carrying the wheat seeds and 1 truck carrying humanitarian aid including blankets, food packages, hygiene packets, winter clothing and boots will arrive in Afghanistan soon.

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