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6 permanent works from Turkey to Moro
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation opened 2 orphanages, 1 primary school, 1 mosque, 1 dining hall and a water well on the Mindanao Island with the participation of Murad Ebrahim, leader of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.
Moro 16.12.2018

In addition to our humanitarian aid operations, IHH continues to spread a ray of hope to the aggrieved, and victims all over the world with the construction of permanent works. As a part of this, IHH opened 6 permanent works for service in Moro, the Philippines with the participation of Murad Ebrahim, leader of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, other local officials and people, and a group from Turkey.


5 of these permanent works consisting of 2 orphanages, 1 mosque, a dining hall and water well are in the IHH Orphanage Complex in the Maguindanao region of the city of Cotabato, while the primary school project was constructed in the Tayalan city of Maguindanao. The facilities within the IHH Orphanage Complex were named the Konya IHH Akıncılar Orphanage, Antalya IHH Haticet’ül Kübra Orphanage, Antalya IHH Zahit Kotku Mosque, Tüzla Gönüllüler Food Hall and the Ayşe Bozbey Water Well, the primary school opened in Maguindanao was named the Ümraniye IHH Abdulhamid Han Primary School.


 “I feel at home in Turkey”

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the IHH Orphanage Complex consisting of 5 permanent works, Moro Liberation Front Leader Al-Hajj Murad Ebrahim, explained that they would continue to develop their existing friendship with Turkey even further. Saying that he visits Turkey every year to inform the relevant officials and authorities on developments on the future of Moro, Murad Ebrahim added that their long struggle was for the peace of the Moro people. Ebrahim said the Bangsamoro Organic Law would be voted by referendum on 21 January 2019 and the Moro territory will become even clearer. Ebrahim completed his speech saying:

“All praise to Allah, Turkey is one of the most powerful countries that give us the most support. IHH serves Moro in many fields such as constructing orphanages and giving social aid. IHH also has made a substantial contribution in the peace process negotiations with its role as an observer. Hopefully our relations will increase even further for the sake of Moro and the community.”


 “There is no better trade than this”

After Al-Hajj Murad Ebrahim, Omer Kesmen, IHH Moro representative came onto the stage. Omer Kesmen, who said it was a great surprise for Murad Ebrahim to attend the opening ceremony said “We are doing everything we can to contribute to the cause of the Moro people, this can be building an orphanage, a school or delivering humanitarian aid.” Kesmen added:

“InshaAllah our brothers and sister from both Antalya and Konya will be shareholders in our works opened today until the day of judgement. Although figures may not be that significant, with these projects we are ensuring that our book of deeds remains open until the day of judgement. In view of this, I would like to thank all of you for travelling such a distance to attend the opening ceremony.”


IHH Orphanage Complex

In total, 96 female orphans will benefit from the Konya IHH Akıncılar and Antalya IHH Haticet’ül Kübra orphanages within the IHH Orphanage Complex. 150 Muslims will be able to perform prayers at the same time in the 100m2 Mehmet Zahit Kotku Mosque opened with the contributions of Antalya IHH. 120 orphans living in the complex and administration staff will benefit from the Gönüllüler Dining Hall opened with the contributions of Tuzla IHH. The water well built in memory of the late Ayşe Bozbay will provide water to the entire complex.


Abdulhamid Han Primary School

150 students will benefit from the Abdulhamid Han Primary School opened with the support of Umraniye IHH in the Talayan region. The 210m2 school consisting of 5 rooms has 4 classrooms. In addition to religious sciences, we also plan to teach general sciences. With this school we aim to strengthen the bonds between Turkey and Moro.


Needs in Moro are continuing

There is need for 2 service vehicles to meet the transportation requirements of the complex and the primary school. Donors that want to contribute to the Moro Muslims can contact our IHH agencies, local IHH Humanitarian Relief organizations and IHH communication centers.


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