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4 permanent works in Sierra Leone
In West Africa’s Sierra Leone, IHH inaugurated four distinct buildings including orphanages, universities and mosques. The newly inaugurated permanent works are vital to the country's future.
Africa, SierraLeone 17.11.2022

IHH remains to serve as a beacon of hope for the oppressed and victims with its persistent works and international humanitarian relief operations. In this context, IHH inaugurated four permanent works in Sierra Leone with the involvement of Türkiye’s Ambassador to Freetown, H.E. Sibel Erkan, Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to Ankara,  H.E. Mohammed Hassan Kai-Samba, local authorities, Sierra Leoneans, and a Turkish volunteer team.

Another orphanage project was constructed in the Moyamba Region. Two mosques and a faculty of Theology, comprising three of the permanent works, were constructed in diverse areas of the capital Freetown. These facilities were named Hazrat Isa Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center, Rahman Mosque, Hacı Dervişoğulları Faculty of Theology and Prayer, and Infak Brotherhood Orphan Education Complex.


The IHH team also visited local orphanages to rebuild or renovate the buildings, as well as to supply their seasonal food needs.  The team traveled long and arduous distances throughout the country to make all of these openings possible.


"We are Türkiye's 'Hand of Brotherhood' here"

IHH Sierra Leone Representative İsmail Yilmaz, who commented on the openings, stated, "As the situation in Sierra Leone deteriorated following a protracted civil conflict, IHH began its work there. These four distinct openings are the result of this."

Yılmaz continued:


"In IHH, we participate in a number of programs in terms of orphans, education, water, and other essential requirements in the country. Our Turkish visitors were present during the introduction of our ongoing work initiatives, on which we have been focusing on in recent years. We have four separate permanent works open right now. In IHH, we try to create projects that address societal concerns in their entirety. As Türkiye's "hand of brotherhood," we continue our work here. We'd like to thank our donors and volunteers for not leaving us in our efforts. May Allah be pleased with all of us."


"Every assistance is a tremendous favor"

Türkiye 's Ambassador to Freetown Sibel Erkan emphasized that Sierra Leone is one of the world's ten least developed countries and that all foreign help that is delivered to the country is like a remedy for the country. Erkan stated that IHH has been functioning in the country for nearly ten years and that "the foundation, which has now achieved international recognition, has lately had a significant effect with its services in Sierra Leone."

Erkan added:


"In total, two mosques, one orphanage, and one faculty were placed into operation. Aid was also given to five orphanages. When the people of the country witness all of this, they are filled with love and interest in our country. Every bit of assistance is much appreciated. As a result, the efforts of all of our NGOs in Africa and Sierra Leone are unquestionably valuable."


Visits to homes for the disabled

After the opening ceremonies, the IHH team visited the houses of disabled persons in the country and received the required information, before returning home at the conclusion of the program.

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