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Values Education Project covers orphans in 23 provinces
We meet not only orphan children’s material needs but also their spiritual needs.
Turkey 18.05.2012

As part of its orphan care efforts since it was founded, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has been materializing projects to contribute to orphan children’s education and future, considering their both material and spiritual needs. To this end, book sets composed of 75 different books were distributed to 1835 orphan children in 23 provinces across Turkey with Values Education Project. 

Prepared in accordance with educational programs involving orphan children that are supported regularly in IHH Sponsor Family System, the book sets will be interpreted and critiqued in reading groups under the supervision of voluntary educators. The books were selected by experts in the fields considering the age and education level of the children and were provided with contributions from Erdem Publications.  

IHH Values Education Project Books List:


  • Love, compassion: To See Love, Sobe Game, Hümeyra Bektaş et al.
  • Responsibility, being sensitive: Hide, Here Comes Mandarin and Travel to Space Hümeyra Bektaş et al.
  • Self-respect, self-confidence: Jumping Frog, Hümeyra Bektaş et al.
  • Respect: Please Listen to Me, Hümeyra Bektaş et al.
  • Honesty, truthfulness: Games of Penguins, Hümeyra Bektaş et al.
  • Determination, hard-work, success: Advice of the Ant, Hümeyra Bektaş et al.
  • Patience: Honey Party, Hümeyra Bektaş et al.
  • Tolerance: Birthday of Yağız, Hümeyra Bektaş et al.
  • Fairness, sharing: Winter Cake, Hümeyra Bektaş et al.

10.  Patriotism, solidarity: My Grandfather’s Medal, Hümeyra Bektaş et al.

11.  Different Cultures, Hospitality: Welcome Oya, Hümeyra Bektaş et al.

12.  Helping, Solidarity: For My Mother

13.  Empathy, Kindness: Wet Paw, Hümeyra Bektaş et al.

14.  Friendship, Disability, confidence: Kite Festival, Hümeyra Bektaş et al.

15.  Activity File

16.  Program Book


11-book Values Education Set and Activity Book, Erdem Publications


Virtuous Behaviors Series

  • Honesty, confidence: I’m Telling the Truth, Pat Thomas-Özlem Mumcuoğlu
  • Respect: I Behave Respectfully, Pat Thomas-Özlem Mumcuoğlu
  • Patience, Self-discipline: I don’t Want to Fight, Pat Thomas-Özlem Mumcuoğlu
  • Determination, Sense of Duty: I Can Do It, Pat Thomas-Özlem Mumcuoğlu
  • Bravery, Knowing Oneself: I am Brave too, Pat Thomas-Özlem Mumcuoğlu
  • Disability, tolerance, empathy: Don’t Call Me Disabled!
  • Equality, Social Responsibility, respect for differences: Everyone Matters, Pat Thomas Özlem Mumcuoğlu
  • Responsibility: Is It Difficult to Set a Good Example? Pat Thomas-Özlem Mumcuoğlu
  • Faithfulness, compassion, death: I Miss You, Pat Thomas-Özlem Mumcuoğlu

10.  Self-sufficiency: Do I Have to Go to Dentist?


1. Love: Pollyanna (Daisy Series)

2. Love, Respect for Differences, Disability: My Different Friend (Little Worries Series)

3. Self-confidence, Self-respect, Bravery: All Aboard, (Adventures of Football-lover Family)

4. Confidence: When the Blackbird is Late, (Daisy)

5. Patience, Kindness, Honesty, Truthfulness: Stone of Patience, (Daisy)

6. Friendship, Addiction: Oh No, My Friend is Addicted to Computer (Little Worries Series)

7. Responsibility: Fred’s Hurry for School, (Little Worries Series) and Hooray, I am Giving a Party! (Little Worries Series)

8. Faithfulness, Loyalty, Commitment: My Best Friend,

9. Kindness, Helping, Solidarity, Compassion: Snowman Goalkeeper (Adventures of Football-lover Family)

10. Self-care, Cleaning: My Dear Friend, Sevinç Kuşoğlu; I Have a Bird in My Palm, Sevinç Kuşoğlu


1. Love: Big Visit (Adventures of Football-lover Family)

2. Respect, Respect for Differences, Disability: Three Days not Enough (I Love Reading)

3. Self-confidence, Self-respect, Disability, Self-development: Amerindian Who Couldn’t Run (I Love Reading)

4. Confidence, truthfulness, honesty: Kaftan with Pink Pearls, Ömer Seyfettin

6. Bravery: Lonely Efe, Ömer Seyfettin

7. Responsibility: Fred’s Hurry for School, (Little Worries Series)

8. Faithfulness, Loyalty, Commitment: My Best Friend, (I Love Reading)

9. Kindness, Helping, Solidarity, Compassion: Man of the Match, (Adventures of Football-lover Family)

10. Fairness, decisiveness, bravery, determination: Köroğlu (EÇK)


1. Love: Sophie and the Albino Camel

2. Respect, Respect for Differences: Man of the Match (Football-lover Family)

3. Self-confidence, Self-respect, Bravery: Little Violinist

4. Fairness, empathy: The King of Land of Dreams

5. Honesty, Truthfulness, Equality: General’s Trap, Stephen Davis,

6. Determination, hope: David Copperfield

7. Responsibility: A Fifteen-year-old Captain,

8. Faithfulness, Loyalty, Commitment: My Best Friend, (I Love Reading)

9. Kindness, Helping, Solidarity, Compassion: The Locust Curse, Stephen Davies

10. Patience, Hard-work: Treasure of Pi, (I Love Reading)


1. Sacrifice, Patriotism: Unknown Heroes of Çanakkale

2. Love, Kindness, Fairness: Happy Prince

3. Honesty, Fairness, Patriotism, Love of Religion, Hard-work: Selections from Safahat

4. Optimism, Helping, Friendship: Pollyanna

5. Bravery, Fairness, Equality: Robin Hood,

6. Empathy, Tolerance: The Prince and the Beggar

7. Not Being Greedy, Abstinence: What does Man Live on?

8. Faithfulness, Loyalty, Commitment: Lassie

9. Helping, Solidarity, Compassion: Railroad Kids

10. Patriotism, Love of Allah, hard-work, Leadership, Sacrifice: Freedom Fighters


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