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Walking to Gaza with his family to react against Israel
IHH Kayseri Chairman and Mavi Marmara veteran Ali Tokluman, has started to walk to Gaza with his wife and three children.
Turkey 22.07.2014

Coming to Kayseri Cumhuriyet Square at around 6.00 a.m with his wife Fatma, his sons Harun (20), Talha (19) and his daughter Zeynep (18), Ali Tokluman said goodbye to his friends and relatives there and received their blessings. Reacting against the massacre Israel is carrying out on Gaza, Ali Tokluman asked for support to their walk. Pointing out that they stopped eating because of the atrocity in Gaza, Tokluman said ¨Now it is time to act¨.

Making evaluations on behalf of his family, Ali Tokluman said ¨Some people kill some people for entertainment and choose their victims among Muslims. Stress and tension level resulting from this tragedy on me and my family have gotten past endurance. In order to remove this tension and get a result we made a decision. Our decision indicates that our inner storms will end. So we made this decision together with my wife and three children.

Heading toward Gaza from Kayseri, Tokluman family announced their route: ¨We are setting off as a family. Our route is İncesu district of Kayseri, Yeşilhisar district of Kayseri, Niğde, İskenderun and Hatay in Adana. Our Turkey trip will end in Hatay. Then we will go to Gaza by the way we see as open whether it is by land, by air or by the sea. We took all kinds of measures. You can follow us on Facebook page ¨Gazze'ye Yürüyoruz¨. Today we are starting to walk towards Gaza. And next year in Ramadan, we will fast in Gaza. Because next year there will be no blockade and Zionist oppression in Gaza. We hope not to be left alone in our walking as Gazzans have been.

I think around Turkey and in Kayseri, this walk will be a more effective method on people. Insaallah we can go on this walk with many participants.¨

Wearing T-shirts that were written ¨Damn Zionism¨, ¨Enough¨, ¨We are from Gaza¨, ¨We are going to Gaza"on, Tokluman family started their walk.


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