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We are in 89 Countries and Territories for Eid al-Adha
IHH is going to carry out eid al Adha organizations with social and cultural relief projects attached to it in 89 countries and territories this year.

IHH is going to carry out eid al Adha organizations with social and cultural relief projects attached to it in 89 countries and territories this year. 


IHH which organized its first ever eid al-Adha project in 1993 with a group of charitable people aims to reach out millions of people by covering more and more countries each year with eid al-Adha projects that’s been going on by 24 years now. 

Doing this for a quarter century, IHH has set the price for ‘udhiyah as 550 TL this year. TL. Those who would like to donate their ‘udhiyah can do so by assigning IHH to do deed in one of the countries listed in eh al-Adha organizations.

In eid al-Adha organizations the priority is given to refugee camps, regions stricken by war, natural disasters, chronic famine and poverty, old people, homeless, widows, orphanages, schools and hospitals.

Last year IHH has distributed 52.000 shares of udhiyah meat during eid al-Adha organizations. This year it strives to outdo that figure in eid al-Adha campaign while each donation is set at 550 TL for udhiyah.

What shall we do?

IHH Foundation for Humanitarian Relief is going to deliver udhiyah meat to the recipients in 89 countries and territories including Turkey. IHH teams will disperse around the world this year too in order to realize it. They will not only distribute meat to their brothers looking forward to their arrival but also support various projects designed to improve their living conditions. Projects for mosques, masjids, wells, education centres, vocational schools, orphanage complexes and similar places are going to be launches during these visits.

IHH Teams Set off on the way

IHH teams will set off on the way to slaughter the udhiyahs of the donors and distribute the meat to the needy. Some will fly for hours, some will try to reach the need in faraway places with no proper road. IHH teams will face many challenges in the places they visit. Nonetheless they will carry out the task entrusted to them.  

Eid Outfits for 35.000 Orphans

IHH is planning to distribute eid outfits to 34.719 orphans in 10 countries including Turkey which are listed below:

Albania, Chad, Chechnya, Palestine, Montenegro, Kashmir, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria and Turkey.

Eid Al-Adha Organizations across 5 continents

IHH teams will reach out to the needy and orphans from Africa, to the Balkans, Southeast Asia and Middle East even Latin America. The countries that will be covered by the teams are as follows:
Abkhazia, Ajara, Adigey, Afghanistan, Ahıska, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh (Arakan), Bangladesh, Bolivia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Algeria, Chad, Chechnya, East Turkistan, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Morocco, Philippines – Moro, Palestine (Gaza), Palestine (West Bank), Ivory Coast, Fiji, South Africa, Ghana, Guinea, South Sudan, Georgia, Haiti, India, Iraq, Iran, Ingushetia, Montenegro, Karachay, Kabardey, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Kenya, Kirgizstan, Comoros, Kosovo, Crimea, Libya, Lebanon, Macedonia, Hungary, Malawi, Mali, Egypt, Mauritania, Myanmar (Burma), Myanmar (Arakan), Nepal, Niger, Ossetia, Pakistan, Romania, Ruanda, Senegal, Serbia-Preshovo, Serbia- Sandzak, Sierra Leone, Somali, Sri Lanka, Sudan Darfur, Sudan Kesele, Sudan Khartoum, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Uganda, Ukraine, Jordan, Vanuatu, Vietnam, Yemen ve Zimbabwe.

Stronger Bond of Brotherhood

While delivering the shares of meat from udhiyah IHH is embracing the local people with love and mercy in order to strengthen the bond of brotherhood between peoples and hold a light of hope for them. IHH aims to strengthen the solidarity, brotherhood and love between Muslims in addition to delivering them the udhiyah donated by the donors.  

How is Each Udhiyah Slaughtered?

- In each respective country and territory covered by Eid Al-Adha campaign IHH teams select and purchase udhiyah according to Islamic requirements

- Each udhiyah is slaughtered according to Islamic rules and regulations.

- Each udhiyah slaughtered is distributed to the local people in need.

- An SMS message is sent out to the donor when his sacrifice is carried out.

How to donate udhiyah?

For online donation click.

For donations in cash you can come to the IHH headquarters.

You can call IHH hotline 0212 631 2121 to get more information and make a donation.

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