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We extend a helping hand to Syrian orphans
Our relief efforts continue in Syria which has been ravaged by an ongoing civil war.
Middle East, Syria 24.12.2012

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and a Libya-based relief organization, “Sunduk Al Deam” provided financial assistance to 606 Syrian children in Turkey and Syria.

IHH, which has been at oppressed Syrian nation’s side since the beginning of the public unrest in the country, continues to take aid to Syrians with international relief organizations.

IHH and officials from the Libyan relief organization have given $50 financial assistance to 606 orphans who were listed by IHH Hatay desk.

While 110 of these orphans live in the surroundings of Antakya, 496 of the orphans live in various regions of Syria.

In addition, IHH regularly supports 27,354 orphans across 39 countries and regions of the world and 263 orphans in Syria via its Sponsor Family System.

IHH has also dispatched various aid supplies to inner parts of Syria.

Officials from IHH Hatay desk and Sunduk Al Deam have taken a wide range of relief items to thousands of Syrians who suffer from cruel attacks from the Syrian regime.

Aid items sent to the inner parts of Syria include 1,000 packages of food, 500 baby packages, 2,350 blankets and 1,750 chargeable projectors.

The food packages include pasta, rice, bulgur, dried beans, red lentil, olives, tomato paste, cooking oil and sugar.

1,000 students given winter clothes

While IHH continues to take basic relief items to the oppressed Syrian people, the foundation does not neglect needs of the students.

Along with officials from the Libyan relief organization, IHH teams visited the Syrian students in the surroundings of Hatay, delivering 1,000 pair of socks and gloves to them.

In addition, IHH teams and Libyan officials also delivered gift cards with a value of TL25 to three healthcare centers in Reyhanlı. The total cost of the gift cards was $1,500. 

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