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We will suffer a great tragedy if Aleppo falls
The Aleppo siege attempt of the regime power, towards the region of the opposition threatens the delivery of humanitarian aid.
Syria 16.11.2014

The Aleppo siege attempt of the regime power towards the region of the opposition threatens the delivery of humanitarian aid.

Assad's troops have intensified their attacks around north Aleppo and its surrounding regions. This region being the only exit point for managing opponents, carries a great importance for the aid which will be delivered to southern Syria. The regimes attempt of siege is causing difficulty in the delivery of humanitarian aid. This situation is causing great concern for Turkish civil society organizations who are providing help in inner Syria.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation's Vice President Osman Atalay said that the internal turmoil in Syria is no longer a humanitarian drama but a great tragedy. Altay said that in order to reduce the impact of the tragedy they have been sending out a vast variety of necessities such as food and supplies. Some areas of the Handarat region located in southern Aleppo is in the hands of the regime forces. Due to this, our aid convoys are under threat.

"Difficulty in delivering aid"

Atalay pointed out that they cannot deliver the amount of aid that they are desiring. Millions of people are in a difficult situation due to this matter. He continued by stating that:

" Syria is currently living through difficult times because aid is now being delivered to the Southern region through Handarat. A part of this region goes through Assad's control while a siege is also on the current agenda for Aleppo. Therefore, it is hard for the delivery of humanitarian aid in areas which are in the current control of the opposition. Losing Handarat means leaving 1.5 million people to their fate."

Atalay also pointed that if there is a siege on Aleppo, an immigration wave will start in Turkey. Atalay explained that they do not want anyone to leave their homelands, "but they caused an uprising when close to 50, 000 Yezidis and 200 Kobanis were living through difficult times but we need to ask them, where are they when 1.5 million people from Aleppo are in a difficult situation. If these people are sincere about what they say and their only concern is to help the oppressed, they need to realise that if Aleppo falls, 1.5 million people will suffer from hunger and be left to die."

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