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Wounded Palestinians urges end to 'Israeli massacre'
A group of Palestinians who are undergoing medical treatment in Istanbul urged Turkey and other Muslim countries not to remain silent against the Israeli raids in the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, Bülent Yıl
Palestine, MiddleEast, Turkey 30.12.2008

Five Palestinians whose medical treatment is funded by the IHH organized a press conference in Istanbul.

Speaking at the IHH headquarters, the Palestinians called on Turkey and other Muslim countries to voice reaction to the Israeli raids in Gaza.

"I have a message to the world. We as the Palestinian people have no relation with terrorism in any form. Our religion forbids terrorist actions. The real terrorist is the Israeli state that is indiscriminately killing women, children and aged people," Adil Abu Khatir said.

Mahmoud Carur, who lost his older brother in latest Israeli strikes, said "The Palestinian people are facing genocide. I am calling on Muslim countries that are remaining silent against Israeli strikes in Gaza. Palestinians do not have the power to stop the Israeli aggression alone. We all might lose our families if Muslim countries do not move to stop Israel. Muslims might lose Masjid al-Aqsa. Stop this massacre now."

Islam Asalya, who lost his cousin to the Israeli attacks, said Israel has declared war not only on Gaza but also on the entire Islamic world.

"In the last four days, 370 Palestinians were killed. We believe that those killed will go to heaven. I wonder whether Arab states would again remain unconcerned if Jerusalem was in another Arab country. Sultan Abdul Hamed had refused to sell Palestinian land to Jews. The world reacts furiously when an Israeli is killed, while it plays the spectator when tens of Palestinians are killed. I want the Israeli ambassador in Turkey to be expelled from the country. I believe Turkey will face a similar fate as Palestinians are facing now if it fails to take action," Asalya said.

Khatir said "We have been sad since the day we left our beloveds. My cousin was killed in an Israeli strike. My other relatives could also be killed any time. We should act united against this relentless enemy."

IHH President Yıldırım said the foundation has taken necessary steps to bring some of the Palestinians wounded in latest Israeli attacks to Turkey for medical treatment. Yıldırım also announced the IHH will donate YTL 1 million to Gaza. "After latest attacks, YTL 200,000 in cash has been delivered to families of the killed Palestinians and medical equipment worth YTL 450,000 has been given to Gaza hospitals," he added.

Abdulkarim al-Hatip, Palestinian consul to Istanbul, said "The ruling Israeli government is planning to turn this violent operation in Gaza into a political propaganda as Israeli parliamentary elections draw nearer. It is time to give Palestinians the right to found their own state on the Palestinian territories."

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