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Hydroponic farming by orphans
IHH is giving hydroponic farming training to orphaned girls in the Istanbul Baba Murat Korkmaz Orphanage in Indonesia. These orphans are generating an income with their own agricultural produce.
Indonesia 04.11.2021

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is conducting hydroponic farming training, a natural and faster method of agriculture in the Istanbul Murat Baba Orphanage in Aceh, Indonesia, to the orphaned girls living in the orphanage.

Hydroponic farming is implemented all over the world and is being experimented by more people every day. This system that is based on plants obtaining the nutrients they require from water or air is becoming more popular every day.


As part of this training, IHH that set up agriculture spaces in the orphanage; the agriculture activities are done with the help of 97 girls and teacher assistants.

The agricultural produce obtained at the end of this process is packed and then sold. The orphaned girls that learn this agricultural process are also securing an income source for the orphanage at the same time.


What is hydroponic farming?

It is a new system in crop production where there is no soil, waste or insecticides. The hydroponic farming system that answers the question of agricultural production that is more cost-effective, uses fewer chemicals, needs less space and resources and more economically doable, can be implemented either horizontally or vertically. Hydroponic farming enables farmers to have more control over production and involves less time and effort. It looks to be the agricultural model of the future. Hydroponic farming is done using different techniques.


Hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic agricultural farming techniques use the same soilless agriculture techniques. Vertical farming that increases space productivity can also be used together with these farming methods, and because this type of farming offers constant production throughout the year, this is also a productive alternative to conventional agricultural farming.

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