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Ramadan: A Call For Brotherhood

Last Ramadan, we delivered your zakat, zakat-al-fitr, food package, and Iftar donations to the families in need who were facing disasters, wars, conflicts, and crises. We shared the excitement of orphans when they received your fussy Eid dress gifts.

We definitely aim to spread the blessings and kindness of this Ramadan month. Come, join us on this path, and witness the journey.

How can I reach those in need during Ramadan?
Food Package
Zakat al-Fitr
Make them happy with your Zakat
Ramadan is the best month to give Zakat. You can make a vulnerable family happy with your Zakat.
Give Zakat
Nigerien mother receives the zakat envelope sent to her. The sweet surprise of the little baby in her arms makes this moment unforgettable.
Give an unforgettable gift to orphans
Eid has a special meaning
As a kid, you can't resist your excitement before Eid mornings. These are precious feelings, and we can share their excitement together by gifting them a fussy Eid dress!
Make them smile
How happy can a dress make? That's exactly what the little girl from Niger tells us. First a hug, then a cheerful smile.
Ramadan in the world of deaf people

We are in Burundi. We came to a school in the Buyenzi district of the capital, Bujumbura, where hearing-impaired people receive basic religious knowledge and catechism training. After the class, where everyone listened attentively to the lesson, sought answers to their questions, and received practical prayer training, we went out to the garden to distribute Ramadan rations.

Before we started distributing the rations, many people told us in sign language how happy they were that we had come from Türkiye to Burundi for them. Quietly but excitedly, they prayed and thanked us for not leaving them alone when there was an earthquake in our own country, with the happiness of seeing us in front of them.

After the distribution of food packages, while walking around the garden, I met Aunt Hafsa, whose smiling face was etched in my mind, and asked her how Ramadan was going. When there is no food at home, we eat what my neighbors bring for Iftar. At suhoor, we only drink water. I have three children. Today, I will cook the beans and rice you gave them for iftar. I am making a very good tea with corn flour, sugar, and lemon. We will pray for you at Iftar. May Allah be pleased with you.

In Burundi, daily wage workers earn about 1 dollar a day when they can find a job. In villages, the wage is halved. In Burundi, where 1 kg of rice costs 1 dollar, life is very difficult, especially for the hearing impaired. If they do not know sign language, it is impossible for them to communicate with their surroundings and find a job. Even those who are employed can barely cover their monthly food expenses. Sharing and helping each other makes the tables fertile and builds a bridge between hearts.

Serdar Gürçay
Burundi, 2023
If you wish, you can also send your donations to our account numbers via EFT / Money Order.
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Last year, with your donations, we reached more than 4.7 million people in 37 countries, including Turkey
People benefited from your Zakat, Zakat al-Fitr, and fidyah donations.
Food parcels were distributed to more than 1.5 million people.
People benefited from our food support for Iftar and suhoor.
Eid clothes were presented to orphan children and children in need.
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