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Meryem's Shoes
Samet Köprübaşı 02.01.2024

We set out for Tanzania in order to carry out the Qurbani works and to supervise the projects carried out in the region. After a long flight, we reached the Bukoba region. On the eve of the feast, we checked the 95 sacrifices to be slaughtered. Then, we set out to deliver Eid gifts to children in need. It was extremely hot, the roads were pretty bad, but the work we did was fascinating. The children were going to have their Eid clothes. Long roads are unimportant when it comes to making children happy.


The place we came to was a school. It had enormous classrooms without smooth flooring and enormous windows without glass. Every child was looking at us, since they did not have Eid clothing and tomorrow was an Eid day. When the lesson ended, the kids all ran towards us. They were delighted to receive their gifts. We started giving them their gifts so they wouldn't have to wait any longer. They were all so happy. While some of them dressed up right away out of excitement, others were inspecting the package on one side. One of the children was smiling and embracing her package while looking at Eid clothes. These were the first Eid clothes Meryem had ever received. Meryem was now dressed in a pink dress, a colorful bracelet, a white stocking, and gleaming shoes. It was worth traveling 14 thousand kilometers to see Meryem's happiness.