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115th aid truck to Syria from Cappadocia
IHH volunteers in Nevşehir initiated an aid campaign with the slogan “Nevşehir People Hand in Hand from Cappadocia to Aleppo”. So far they have loaded 115 aid trucks with canned food and legumes which they have collected for the campaign. The latest truck headed to Syria today.
Syria 09.05.2014

The goal of the campaign initiated by IHH volunteers in Nevşehir is to deliver aid to Muslims in need in Syria. The campaign entitled “Nevşehir People Hand in Hand from Cappadocia to Aleppo” keeps going on. Charitable local people donated canned food, blankets and various aid materials for basic needs. And 115th truck carrying the aid departed for Syria with a ceremony held in front of Güzelbahçe.

Coordinator of IHH Nevşehir branch, Baki Öncel gave a speech followed by a prayer before the trucks hit the road. He thanked the people of Nevşehir who gave great support to the campaign from its beginning.

"Up to this day, we have sent 114 aid trucks to our brothers in Syria. Today we are happy to send 115th one. Inshallah our campaign will go on in the following days. Our hope and wish for our Syrian brothers is that they live in peace.

Zafer Yavuz, a local cartoonist and painter depicted the ceremony for 115th aid truck heading to Syria in a cartoon which was very well received by the audience.

Meanwhile, the officials said that more food and aid materials are stored ready to be loaded on to trucks. In the following days 2 more aid trucks will go to their destinations in Syria to be delivered to the Syrian people in suffering.

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