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15 year old mother holding her new born baby
As IHH Emergency Aid Teams conducting relief works in East Africa, human stories revealing during the rush. IHH's Musab Murat Uyar wrote his experience in Somalia in which there are many widows and or
Somalia 17.08.2011

“Rewan -aged 15- is one of the people who we met during the aid distribution. She sat down on the ground under her veil covering her whole body, next to her food pack -which is all the food she can get for a month. It is obvious that she is at a young age. Her hands are always under her veil as if something was there. After I greeted her I said in Somali "Uska werran" Rewan didn't answer. She said there was her baby under her veil. I was very surprised. There it was a newborn baby with his little hands, so little that he even didn't want to open his eyes...

Rewan told me that she just labored; I thought in a moment that after the delivery baby bathed for the first and the last time. His hands are the smallest and his hair covered by dust. I asked my friends' help to talk with Rewan, but she didn't give any response to their questions either.

When I asked why she wasn't responding, she said she was very afraid. I wonder what it means to be afraid for a mother. After her response, I couldn't ask her why. She became a mother at 15 that is the age when she just began to understand life, a young mother amongst impossibilities in Somalia where she doesn't grow any hope for her baby's future. Despite everything she holds her baby tight. She called her son "Noor" means "the light" that is what she hopes for the future. As it comes to me, I just said hi and leave them with their one-month-long food. Helplessness burn me inside, as I think about how these people can survive from all this."     

Somalia- Musab Murat Uyar

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