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2021 Orphan Report is released
IHH-INSAMER’S “2021 Orphan Report” was published on the occasion of 15 Ramadan World Orphan Day that was declared by the Organization Of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) following IHH’s appeal.

There are millions of orphaned children in the world that are deprived due to causes such as wars, natural disasters, diseases and poverty. Half of these children live on the streets without any kind of shelter and deprived of care and affection. Unfortunately, with no guardian or family, these children are abandoned to the mercy of organ mafia, prostitution mafia, begging networks, warlords and missionary organizations.

According to UNICEF data, almost 10.000 children in the world are orphaned every day; again, according to figures recognized internationally, there are at least 140.000 orphans globally. Research reveals that the educational success of children that have a single parent or are orphaned is much lower than children who grow up with both parents.  


Today is World Orphans Day

In 2014 IHH appealed to the OIC for the World Orphan Day to be celebrated on every 15 Ramadan to raise public awareness about orphans. In previous years, IHH brought 15 orphans from different countries to Turkey to celebrate World Orphan Day. This year the event cannot be done due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

On the occasion of World Orphans Day, IHH-INSAMER (Humanitarian and Social Research Center)’S “2021 Orphan Report” was released. The report includes topics such as Orphans and Orphanhood, Social Orphanhood, Child Abuse, State of Orphans in the World, Consequences of Child Poverty, and the Forgotten Ones During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Child Refugees and the Importance of Education for Orphans.


Click to access the 2021 Orphan Report    

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