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25 Years for Ummah
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is ready to be with ummah and to travel through 106 countries and regions throughout the world to take your qurbani to needy people, as it is for last 25 years.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is ready to be with ummah and to travel through 106 countries and regions throughout the world to take your qurbani to needy people, as it is for last 25 years.

Within the framework of this year’s Eid Al Adha organization with the motto of “25 years for Ummah”, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is aiming to reach out 2 million needy people in 106 countries and regions, at home and abroad.

IHH carried out its first Eid Al Adha project in 1993 when a group of benefactors came together for this end; since then, the scope of its Eid Al Adha organizations have extended to include more and more regions each year and today, millions of people are supported through qurbani donations.

The price for qurbani donation set by IHH, which has been organizing Eid Al Adha events for a quarter-century now, is 620 TL this year. Benefactors who like to donate their qurbani to IHH through substitution can choose between the countries that are included in the organization and reach people in need.

IHH is aiming to go beyond 43 thousand 155 shares distributed during the last year’s Eid Al Adha organization this year.


Things to be done

Within the scope of 2017 Eid Al Adha organization, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is planning to take qurbani donations to people in 106 countries and regions including Turkey. IHH teams will spread out through the earth thanks to the occasion of Eid Al Adha and not only take meat to their brothers looking forward to seeing them, but also will support various projects aiming to improve their life conditions. The foundations of a number of projects including mosques and mascids, water wells, educational centers, vocational training centers, orphanages and so forth, will be laid during these visits.


IHH teams will hit the roads

IHH Humanitarian Foundation teams will hit the roads to take qurbani shares of donors to people in need. Some of them fly for ours, some of them will travel under difficult conditions to reach people living in areas that do not even have proper roads. In the areas they visit, IHH teams will take qurbani trusted to them to people in need, despite of all hardships.


Empowering brotherhood

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation will be offering a hand to establish a bridge of brotherhood between people and give hope while reaching out to people in need. IHH is aiming to empower the sense of brotherhood, sharing and solidarity in Muslims world as taking qurbani shares to Muslims throughout the world.


Crisis areas will be given priority

Within the scope of the Eid Al Adha organization, refugee camps, war, natural disasters, chronic hunger and poverty zones and elders, widows, orphanage, schools and hospitals will be given priority. With this respect, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Somalia, Yemen, Bangladesh, Arakan will be prioritized.


Eid clothes for 24 thousand orphans


Moreover, IHH is planning to support 23 thousand 440 orphans in 12 countries including Turkey with eid clothes. Benefactors may donate 300 TL to send one set of eid clothes to a child or may support the project by sending a message of “BAYRAMLIK” to 3072. The list of countries that IHH is planning to reach with the support of the donors is as follows:

Albania, Eritrea, Indonesia (Ache), India, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Sancak, Syria, Palestine and Turkey.



Eid Al Adha organization in 5 continents

The list of countries and regions from Africa to Balkans, from Southeastern Asia to Middle East and Latin America, covering 5 continents that IHH will visit in the scope of Eid Al Adha events is as follows:

Africa: Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Djibouti, Chad (Chad and refugees from Central Africa and Nigeria), Ethiopia (Ethiopia and Ogaden), Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea, South African Africa (South Africa and refugees from Malawi), Southern Sudan, Cameroon (Cameroon and refugees from Central Africa), Kenya (Kisumu and refugees from Somalia), Comoros, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan (Darfur, Hartum and refugees from Kesele Eretria), Swaziland, Tanzania (Shinyanga), Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Middle East: Morocco, Palestine (Gaza and West Bank), Iraq, Iran, Northern Iraq, Libya, Lebanon (Lebanon and Palestinian and Syrian refugees), Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Jordan and Yemen.

Southern Asia: Bangladesh (Bangladesh and refugees from Arakan), Indonesia, Fiji, The Philippines (Moro), India (India, Kashmir, Kerala and Assam), Myanmar (Myanmar and Arakan), Nepal, Pakistan (Pakistan and Azad Kashmir), Sri Lanka, Thailand (Patani), Vanuatu and Vietnam.

Central Asia and Caucasia: Abkhazia, Adygea, Afghanistan, Meskheti, Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan and refugees from Chechenia), Chechenia, Dagestan, Eastern Turkestan, Georgia (Georgia and Acara), Ingushetia, Kabardino Balkar, Karachai Cherkessia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Crimea, Mongolia, Ossetia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Ukraine.

Balkans: Alania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia (Sancak and Presevo).

America: Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Haiti.


The Process of Qurbani

-Animals to be sacrificed that satisfy the qurbani criteria are bought in the countries and regions where they will be distributed.

-They are slaughtered in conformity with Islamic requirements

-Qurbani shares are distributed personally to people in need.

-An information massage confirming that the process is completed is sent to donors.


Kurbanınızı nasıl bağışlayabilirsiniz?

Bağışlar, İHH merkezlerine gidilerek elden, internet üzerinden online olarak ya da vakfın 0212 631 2121 numaralı telefon numarasından detaylı bilgi alınarak yapılabilecek.



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