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A joy worth seeing
Members from benevolent families and orphans in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır gathered for a lunch at the Çarşı Konağı Restaurant in the Sur district. The event was attended by 100 children
Turkey 23.03.2011

Delivering a speech at the event, Chairman of the IHH’s Diyarbakır branch Recep İdikut said they have met all the needs of 500 orphans this year and they provide financial assistance as well as food to the orphans in the region in every three months. İdikut also said they also try to keep the orphans from misdeeds as he called on everyone to extend a helping hand to the orphans. Orphans received presents such as books, watches and toys at the end of the event while orphans’ mothers were presented with headscarves. Officials from the foundation also presented a disabled child with a wheelchair. The orphans who seemed very pleased over the interest shown to them had a souvenir photo taken with the members of the benevolent families.

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