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IHH’s Brief on Syria in Japan
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation’s Humanitarian Diplomacy unit director Mr. Talha Keskin gave a presentation entitled “Syrian Civil War in Its 6th Year and Evacuation of Aleppo” at Doshisha University located in Kyoto, Japan.
Japan, Syria 21.02.2017

Humanitarian Relief Foundation is trying to resolve issues by carrying out humanitarian diplomacy in every region where diplomacy fails to deliver solutions to the victimized people. In this regard IHH participated in a briefing in Japan. 

In the conference Doshisha University PhD students were briefed about IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation’s humanitarian efforts for Syria and its role in evacuation of civilians in Aleppo. Japanese community were invited to get more involved in humanitarian efforts for Syrian victims and the academics were encouraged to carry out research about this crisis that would help with the resolution eventually. The audience, Japanese students were quite interested in the presentation at the conference where Mr. Keskin explained the humanitarian diplomacy related work that they have been carrying out in various countries.


Japanese Press

The members of Japanese press have also attended the event where they had the chance to be briefed about Turkey’s and IHH’s humanitarian efforts for Syrians. Asashi, one of the most popular and most read newspapers in Japan ran a big news story about the event. 

Meanwhile Dr. Muhammad Şanqiti, another participant in the conference talked about Arab Spring and the current situation in the region. 

At the end of the event a Japanese publishing house representative presented 300 children’s books translated from Japanese to Arabic to be delivered to Syrian refugee children.


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