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A Letter From Furkan
Furkan Dogan, born in New York in 1991, was a final grade student in Kayseri Hisarciklioglu High School. He joined the flotilla from Kayseri, a prominent city in inner Anatolia.
Palestine, MiddleEast, Turkey 10.06.2010

However, in the end of his journey aiming to break the inhumane blockade and deliver much needed humanitarian aid to Gaza, he was greeted with bullets. 4 bullets greeted his youthful face from a distance of 1.5 meters and his young and brave chest also met one bullet onboard the Freedom Flotilla.

Furkan was on his way only for peace and humanity and his existence would have brought along justice. His father explains his death as martyrdom, loss of life in the name of a noble cause, and he says “We do not feel any regret or sorrow. He lost his life for a noble cause. I am proud to be his father. His martyrdom will lead to good things.”

Those people whose actions, lives and deaths served to bring back justice into this world and stood against the oppression, have always been a target of the terrorist state of Israel.

Furkan Dogan’s older brother Mustafa, during his funeral in Istanbul said “We could guess that Israel would intercept the ships and haul them to another port or force them to return to Turkey, but we could never imagine such a horrible immoral attack. My brother martyred in the name of justice and peace. He, now, rests in Istanbul, praying together with all the martyrs for bringing back justice and peace to the world.”

The world, with all the injustice and oppression it has in it, witnessed the terrorist actions of this terrorist state for numerous times and still remained silent.

Israel… By pitilessly murdering such a bright young man, has attacked the common conscience of all humanity. Each and every day the pain grows deeper.

Furkan…  By fearlessly standing against injustice and sacrificing his life to establish peace is a reminder of hope to all. He now reaches out to all of us and tells us about the importance of standing up for the pain and suffering of other fellow human beings and standing for those who are oppressed with the final notes in his diary, which he wrote down in the beginning of the ruthless attack of Israel, as he heard of the sounds of live ammunition falling upon the upper deck of Mavi Marmara, the flagship of the Freedom Flotilla. He reads “ I think there is not much time left for that moment of martyrdom. Is there anything more honorable? If there is, it should be my mother. I am not sure of that either. Which one’s better? My mother’s compassion or dying for a noble cause? Everyone has left the room now. I can see a serious expression on everyone’s face, so serious that I have never seen anything like this before.”

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