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A message for Today's Zaman from Bülent Yıldırım
President of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Bülent Yıldırım, in a speech he gave in the ceremony held in Kazlıçeşme, Istanbul before 75 lorries with humanitarian aid departed for Syria, sent a clear message to the newspaper Today's Zaman who has published news against IHH.
Syria 23.02.2014

Within the scope of the campaigns of IHH called ¨For the Vicinity Rights¨ and ¨I need You¨, 75 lorries with humanitarian departed for Syria from Istanbul.

In the speech he gave in the ceremony held in Kazlıçeşme before 75 lorries with humanitarian aids departed for Syria, Bülent Yıldırım said until now 2300 lorries of humanitarian aid were transferred to Syria and that between 1st January and 23rd February, 817 lorries of humanitarian aid were collected.

Criticizing the international community's silence towards the civil war in Syria, Yıldırım said ¨If these massacre photographs belonged to a country in the Europe or USA, they would start a war against the country who did it. All the television channels would broadcast these massacre photographs for days.¨
Yıldırım mentioned that the number of people died in Syria are much more than the numbers announced officially.

Regarding the attitude of regional and international foundations about Syria as ¨hypocrisy¨, and addressing the UN Security Council, Yıldırım said ¨You said you would bring peace to the world, but you couldn't even close an air field.¨

Indicating that he was addressing all the world, Yıldırım said ¨Stop those who have been dropping bombs on people, stop the ones using barrel bombs, stop the ones launching rockets.¨

Emphasizing that the subject of humanitarian aid mustn't be related to the politics, Yıldırım called opinion leaders, writers and scholars to be sensible.

Pointing out that Syrian regime, Democratic Union Party (PYD) and Iraq-Damascus Islamic State prevent aids from being delivered to the region, Yıldırım asked them to apply pressure on them.

A Reference to Today's Zaman

Criticizing the propaganda against humanitarian aid and calling everyone to be sensible and to act honestly in the humanitarian subject, Yıldırım sent a message to the newspaper of Today's Zaman:

¨If there are any press members from Today's Zaman among us here, let me tell them that: There are no weapons in these lorries, there is baby food. You lied all over the world that the humanitarian aids IHH sent to the children -like this Omar- were weapons, you wanted to push IHH into a corner. Then, let me give you a piece of good news, - and let it be a lesson for the ones publishing false news- after those black hearted news you published, the donations to IHH have tripled.¨

After his speech, the convoy of lorries in the square departed for Syria.


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