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A new orphanage for Bangladeshi orphans
Within the scope of the ¨Orphan Solidarity Days¨, a team of 10 people from IHH opened a 5th orphanage in the region that is built under the name of ¨Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan Brotherhood Orphanage¨ in the Gazipur City of Bangladesh.
Bangladesh 06.05.2014

The children staying in the orphanage welcomed the IHH team with demonstrations of love. They threw flowers over their head and gave a bunch of flowers to them.

The head of Antalya IHH Association Women Commission Zeynep Taş and the representative of Anatolia NGOs Platform (AYSİT) Züleyha Pehlivan inaugurated the orphanage. IHH board member Mehmet Çelik prayed in the opening. Some of the children staying in the orphanage read Qur'an in the opening and chanted.

Making a speech in the opening, Çelik said they brought greetings of their brothers in Turkey to Bangladeshi people.

Advising children to believe themselves, to rely on themselves and to complete their education successfully, Çelik said ¨Everybody complain about the bad conditions of the world and think that these need to change. In order to achieve this, we have to change ourselves first, then the world will change. Muslims are brothers. We came to your country in order to reinforce our brotherhood. Inshallah you will be great people in the future. You will serve for Islam, your country and humanity. I believe this.¨


We have loved you without seeing from the far end of the world

The representative of AYSİT Züleyha Pehlivan mentioned that they came from a county that is very far to Bangladesh excitedly when they heard some of their brothers here need them. She said ¨We have loved you without seeing from the far end of the world. When we came here we saw that this love is mutual. We saw joy and beauty on your face. We brought the love and contributions of your brothers in Turkey. They all stand by us.¨

After the speeches, the IHH team took a walk in the orphanage and examined it. They had lunch with the orphans and gave various presents to them. They also gave a washing machine as a present to the orphanage.

About the Orphanage

The orphanage was built by IHH with the financial contributions of Antalya Humanitarian Relief Association, AYSİT Platform, AYDOST Women's Branch, Süreyya-Der and some other various donators. The approximate cost of the orphanage is 600 billion Turkish Liras. It is a three-storey building and it has 20 dormitory rooms, a study room, a reading room, management rooms, a dining hall, a kitchen and a bathroom. Now 45 orphans are staying in the orphanage, but after a while later 100 children will be able to stay there.

After the opening, the IHH team visited the IHH's Darul Amman (Babul Amman) Orphanage whose 2nd floor is still under construction. It is build with the contributions of Inshyrah Aid Movement and 25 children are staying there at present. They talked with the managers and the orphans and examined the orphanage there. They donated some money to the orphanage and seeing that the children were washing their clothes in their hands, they bought a washing machine for the orphanage.


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