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Adana residents gather for Palestine night
Solidarity with Palestine Night organized in the city of Adana. A group of woman friends of Palestine in the city handed TRY 6,750 they had raised among themselves and the organizer of the night Bengi
Turkey 15.03.2010

The event held by local Bengisu Organization was one of many similar events organized across Turkey to show solidarity with Palestine. Attorney Gülden Sönmez, member of the IHH Executive Board, and journalist Nureddin Şirin participated as speakers, while Yusuf Can and Grup Yürüyüş gave a concert at the night. Gökkuşağı Children Theatre staged a play featuring Palestine and Yedibaşak Children Chorus sung Palestine-themed songs.   

IHH senior official Sönmez pointed to the severity of the humanitarian situation in Gaza and said: “Gaza has been under embargo for four years. The 1.5 million Gazan people are living on supplies brought in through underground tunnels. There is no such major embargo anywhere in the world today. There is much we can do to end this embargo. We as the IHH are trying our best in this regard and are trying to keep the embargo fresh on the world public agenda. The embargo on Palestine was brought to the international agenda when we launched an overland aid convoy to Gaza. Israel came under great pressure. This embargo is not sanctioned by the international law. It is against humane and conscientious values. We believe it will be lifted and want you to believe in that and support the campaign.”   

Representative of various civil society organizations talked about their thoughts and emotions concerning Palestine.

Following the conclusion of the event, a group of woman volunteers handed to IHH official Sönmez TRY 6,750 they had collected among themselves, while Bengisu Organization donated proceeds raised from the event, TRY 12,000, to be extended to the people of Gaza.

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